Impact Wrestling
Date: October 27, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Madison Rayne, Josh Matthews

Bound For Glory has come and gone and a good bit happened at the show. The Knockouts, Tag Team and World Titles have all changed hands, but the big story tonight is the wedding between John E. Bravo and Rosemary. The wacky shenanigans should be strong with this one so let’s get to it.

We open with a Bound For Glory recap.

Eric Young is attacking new World Champion Rich Swann in the back. They fight into the arena with Swann getting in a few shots of his own before being whipped into the steps. Young chokes with the shirt and throws him inside but Swann gets in a kick to the face. Young pounds him down though and here are the referees and Scott D’Amore to break it up. We’re not done yet though as Young wants his rematch RIGHT NOW. Swann says make the match.

Impact Wrestling World Title: Rich Swann vs. Eric Young

Swann, in slacks and barefoot, is defending and elbows Young down for a quick two. The rolling splash gets the same but Young hits a toss powerbomb for two of his own. Swann is right back with a spinning kick to the face and a Lethal Injection. The Phoenix splash retains the title at 3:25.

Result: Rich Swann b. Eric Young – Phoenix splash (3:25)

Havok has brought him back, meaning James Mitchell, so the wedding is on. Nevaeh is nervous.

Kaleb With A K tells the Knockouts that the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament is on in eight weeks with three teams. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan leave together and Alisha Edwards is left alone. Steelz and Hogan come back up to talk trash but here’s Jordynne Grace to come up and say they’ll beat them up later.

Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer

Hardcore Halloween match and Dreamer is Road Warrior Animal. They fight to the floor in a hurry with Dreamer suplexing him on the ramp. Dreamer chokes with a shirt but gets sent face first into the steps. A well placed walker to the back has Myers down again and there’s a low blow with the bell. Myers crotches him on the barricade though and it’s a trashcan to the head. Dreamer gets knocked out of the air with a sign though and we take a break.

Back with Myers suplexing him for two and getting in a candy bag to the face. A chair shot to the back sets up a chinlock but Dreamer fights up for a cutter. It’s time for the thumb tacks and candy corn but Myers catches him on top. That’s fine with Dreamer, who shoves him down onto the pile. Dreamer pulls out a chair but gets planted after taking too long to set it up. Cue Swoggle out of a trashcan to grab Myers low with a pair of tongs. The Death Valley Driver through the table finishes Myers at 11:43.

Result: Tommy Dreamer b. Brian Myers – Death Valley Driver through a table (11:43)

Heath and Rhino are happy with Rhino winning the Call Your Shot gauntlet and they’re going after the Tag Team Titles once Heath is healthy. Actually never mind because Heath wasn’t injured.

Reno Scum and Hernandez pin Fallah Bahh (Bahh: “SOCIAL DISTANCING!”) to the wall to get Hernandez’s money back. Bahh doesn’t have it so they punch him in the ribs and leave. The money is down his pants, as this feud continues.

XXXL vs. Rascalz

The Rascalz start fast with stereo middle rope moonsaults to take the big guys down before the bell. Romero counters a springboard into a Samoan drop though and Wentz is in trouble in the corner. The neck crank goes on with Larry D. even mocking their pose. Wentz fights up with some strikes but gets pulled away from the hot tag attempt. Larry gets two off a World’s Strongest Slam but Wentz is back up with a springboard kick to the face.

That’s enough for the hot tag to Dez and it’s time to pick up the pace, including a running Cannonball to Larry’s back in the corner. Everything breaks down and Dez gets crushed for a quick two. Larry goes up (Josh: “Did someone put a snack up on the top rope?”) but gets crotched, only to have Acey pull Wentz down. The top rope splash gives Larry the pin at 5:52.

Result: XXXL b. Rascalz – Top rope splash to Wentz (5:52)

D’Amore is sitting down with Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee and what seems to be Purrazzo’s lawyer (who happens to be RD Evans/Archibald Peck). The lawyer says Su Yung needs to be stripped of the Knockouts Title so Purrazzo can be champion again. D’Amore has until the end of the night but he’ll go fix it right now.

The Motor City Machine Guns say Alex Shelley is going to be out about two months and they’re coming for the titles. XXXL come in and say they want the title shot so Shelley tells them to go away. That earns Shelley a double standing splash to leave him laying.

Here’s D’Amore to deal with the Knockouts Title situation as brought on by Purrazzo’s barrister. He gets straight to the point by saying that Su Yung is the Knockouts Champion so here are Purrazzo/Lee/Evans (as he is named here), the latter of whom says this is the biggest mistake D’Amore has ever made. Something has happened to Kylie Rae and it was likely at Su Yung’s hands. Is that the kind of behavior that should be rewarded?

Purrazzo should be champion again and D’Amore really doesn’t want to spend time and money defending it. D’Amore talks about how big of a mess it can be and offers her a rematch instead. The barrister agrees so here’s Su Yung to Claw Evans and Lee. The mist takes D’Amore down and there’s a Claw to Purrazzo as well.

Rich Swann and the Rascalz take pictures with Swann’s title but Moose comes in to ask why they’re celebrating Swann being second best. Swann is just holding the title so the Rascalz have to hold him back. Mack gets in Moose’s face and is called a sidekick. Moose says he’ll say when. Swann leaves and runs into Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock, with Callihan saying he’s waiting. Shamrock stares too.

We get part of Ken Shamrock’s Hall of Fame package. At least they’re including Bret Hart and Mick Foley’s videos here, which was nowhere else to be seen anywhere outside of watching the live broadcast.

The Good Brothers interrupt the North talking to security so the North mocks them for not being able to win the titles. Punches are thrown.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Rohit Raju b. Willie Mack at Victory Road 2020.

Jimmy Jacobs comes in to see Rohit Raju, who is waiting for people to join his party. Raju recaps retaining the X-Division Title at Bound For Glory

John E. Bravo yells at Fallah Bahh for being dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and asks where Hernandez is. Bravo is going to tell Hernandez that Bahh has his money. Johnny Swinger comes in to gloat.

Kiera Hogan/Tasha Steelz vs. Jordynne Grace/Alisha

Grace walks past Elisha during their entrances and they don’t seem to be having the best chemistry. Steelz wants a test of strength with Grace to start and then finds out that’s a very bad idea. Grace runs her over with a shoulder and Alisha throws Steelz back in. A quick crawl over to the corner allows the hot tag to Hogan, whose kick to Alisha’s ribs is easily cut off.

Alisha hits a running clothesline and brings Grace back in for a splash off the shoulders. The referee didn’t see the tag though and it’s Hogan superkicking the still legal Alisha as we take a break. Back with Steelz hitting some running kicks in the corner, followed by a sliding kick to give Hogan two. The chinlock goes on but Alisha breaks it up, only to get pulled right back into it all over again.

The comeback is on again though and this time Alisha bulldogs Steelz down. Grace comes in off the hot tag and starts cleaning house. Some running knees to the back set up a running hip attack to crush Hogan. Everything breaks down and Alisha charges into Grace by mistake, allowing Steelz to grab the rollup for the pin at 8:29.

Result: Tasha Steelz/Kiera Hogan b. Jordynne Grace/Alisha – Rollup to Alisha (8:29)

Post match Alisha and Grace yell at each other.

Willie Mack takes a photo with a fan in the parking lot but it’s a distraction so Moose can jump him.

Taya Valkyrie wants to talk to Rosemary before the wedding. Bravo has changed into a groomzilla as of late but Rosemary has an idea. Taya has a bad feeling about this.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

It’s time for the wedding with most of the Wrestle House cast and a few others, including Swoggle. Everything goes red and it’s James Mitchell making his return. Crazzy Steve walks Rosemary to the ring and Mitchell handles the introductions. After making it clear that Bravo is a virgin, he asks if anyone has any reason to stop the wedding. No one says anything, so Mitchell is relieved that they made it past that trope.

Bravo is going to recite his own vows, so he quotes the Addams Family and calls Rosemary his little gargoyle. Rosemary sounds all strange and suggests that she’s here to take Bravo’s soul. Swoggle, the ring imp, hands them the rings and they both say they do. Mitchell says you can now kiss the demon….and the lights go out. A gun goes off and the lights come back up with Bravo bleeding from the chest. Tommy Dreamer: “WHO SHOT BRAVO??? NOOOOOOOOOO!”


Rich Swann b. Eric Young – Phoenix splash
Tommy Dreamer b. Brian Myers – Death Valley Driver through a table
XXXL b. Rascalz – Top rope splash to Wentz
Kiera Hogan/Tasha Steelz b. Jordynne Grace/Alisha – Rollup to Alisha

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