205 Live
Date: October 30, 2020
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

There have actually been a few changes around here as of late, with the biggest ones being in the form of some fresh stars. I don’t believe for a second that it is going to matter in the long run, but it is nice to see something new taking place for a change. It’s certainly better than some of the things we had been getting so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Vic: “Welcome to Boo-05 Live.”

Ariya Daivari vs. Curt Stallion

Tony Nese joins commentary and yes, he and Daivari are called Originals. Stallion grabs a headlock to start as Nese doesn’t think much of these new guys. Daivari can’t get away without a pull of the hair so Stallion chops away but gets sent face first into the buckle. A belly to back suplex drops Stallion as Nese is kind of incensed over Vic offering him Skittles.

Daivari bails to the floor from the threat of a right hand but a Nese distraction lets him drop Stallion again. Back in and the cocky Daivari stomps away, setting up the chinlock. Stallion fights back with some strikes to the face but a neckbreaker cuts him down for two. They’re on the floor again, with Nese doing some Stallion taunting.

Back in again and we hit the camel clutch but Daivari’s Arn Anderson style jump down onto Stallion’s back is countered with the raised knees (also Anderson style). Daivari crotches him on top though as they keep going back and forth. The Persian Lion splash gets two but Stallion is back with a jumping double stomp for the same. Stallion sends him outside in a crash, headbutts Nese, reverses the hammerlock lariat and rolls Daivari up for the pin at 9:07.

Result: Curt Stallion b. Ariya Daivari – Rollup (9:07)

That’s an upset:

Earlier today, Brian Kendrick talked to Mansoor but Ever Rise interrupted to talk trash and set up the main event.

Ever Rise vs. Mansoor/Brian Kendrick

Martel wristlocks Mansoor to start and Mansoor can’t even roll out of it. Back up and Mansoor reverses into an armbar of his own but it’s off to Parker for some shots to the face. Kendrick comes in as well and starts cranking on Parker’s arm as well. It’s back to Mansoor for more of the same but Martel comes back in to take over. That doesn’t last long either as Mansoor gets over to Kendrick for the comeback tag.

The back to back tagging keeps Parker in trouble until Martel pulls him away from a charge in the corner. A snap suplex gets two on Kendrick but Martel clotheslines Parker by mistake. That’s not enough for another tag yet though as Parker pulls Mansoor out to the floor. The ankle lock doesn’t last long either and Martel misses an elbow, allowing the hot tag to Mansoor. House is cleaned but Mansoor’s Sliced Bread is cut off. Kendrick makes a save of his own and now Sliced Bread can finish Parker at 10:02.

Result: Mansoor/Brian Kendrick b. Ever Rise – Sliced Bread to Parker (10:02)

Meet the new guy:

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