Impact Wrestling
Date: December 7, 2023
Location: Showcase Complex, Monterrey, Mexico
Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt, Tom Hannifan

The different kinds of shows continue for Impact as they are in Mexico for a co-promoted show with AAA. That won’t be the normal kind of show but at least we can see and hear from the wrestlers. That could make for some different kinds of situations, though Impact needs to build some things up for their upcoming shows. Let’s get to it.

Note that I do not follow AAA very closely so I apologize in advance for missing any names, character history or storyline points.

Opening sequence.

Trinity/Chris Sabin vs. Chik Tormenta/Dinamico

Tormenta drives Trinity into the corner to start and runs her over with a shoulder. Trinity takes her down with a headscissors and it’s off to the men, who take turns posing on the ropes. They take turns escaping covers until Sabin armdrags him down for a breather. A cheap shot knocks Trinity off the apron though and Dinamico grabs a neckbreaker for two on Sabin.

Back up and Sabin manages a knockdown, allowing the tag off to Trinity to pick up the pace. Sabin backbreaker Tormenta into Trinity’s split legged moonsault but Dinamico makes the save. A double superkick puts Tormenta down and the Bully Bomb into a rollup gives Trinity the pin at 7:55.

Result: Trinity/Chris Sabin b. Chik Tormenta/Dinamico – Rollup to Tormenta (7:55)

Josh Alexander wants the World Title back and while he lost at Bound For Glory, he knew he gave everything he had. Then his five year old asked where the title was so now he needs to get back to the top. Now he and Zack Sabre Jr. are challenging the Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag Team Titles at Final Resolution because the standard is back.

Eddie Edwards vs. Myzteziz Jr. vs. Latigo

Commentary mentions that Latigo is wearing black here as he and Myzteziz double team Edwards to start. Latigo turns on Myzteziz almost immediately so Edwards can get in a running knee, meaning the double teaming has Myzteziz in trouble for a change. Double choking in the corner ensues but Latigo stops to yell at the fans. That’s enough for Myzteziz to fight back and hit a pair of dives to the floor. Edwards stays on the floor so Myzteziz can headscissor Latigo back outside.

That means a big Myzteziz dive to take both of them down but Latigo frog splashes Edwards for two. Latigo hits a middle rope Canadian Destroyer to plant Myzteziz on the ramp and Edwards adds a suplex to make it worse. Back in and Myzteziz takes out Latigo, only to walk into a sitout powerbomb. Myzteziz grabs the referee’s arm at two for a unique save before taking out Latigo. A powerslam and shooting star press give Myzteziz the pin on Edwards at 11:42.

Result: Myzteziz Jr. b. Eddie Edwards and Latigo – Shooting star press to Edwards (11:42)

Trey Miguel is ready to beat Mike Bailey at Final Resolution.

The Motor City Machine Guns are ready for Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr. at Final Resolution.

Jordynne Grace/Sexy Star vs. Deonna Purrazzo/Maravilla

Grace and Purrazzo trade rollups for two each to start and that’s a standoff. Star and Maravilla come in for a standoff of their own and we take a break. Back with Purrazzo working on Star’s arm before Maravilla comes in to kick Star down. Purrazzo gets in her own kick but a missed charge allows Grace to come in and clean house. Everything breaks down and Star gives Purrazzo an electric chair driver. That’s broken up so Star hits a dive onto Purrazzo on the floor. Back in and the Juggernaut Driver finishes Maravilla at 11:37.

Result: Jordynne Grace/Sexy Star b. Deonna Purrazzo/Maravilla – Juggernaut Driver to Maravilla (11:37)

Scott D’Amore and the roster is ready to wrestle in Monterrey.

Brian Myers/Black Taurus vs. Tommy Dreamer/Laredo Kid

Myers and Kid start things off with the former rolling away. A shoulder puts Kid down but he’s back up with a running dropkick to put Myers outside. We pause for Myers to tease fighting some fans before it’s off to Taurus vs. Dreamer. Taurus starts in on the arm but Dreamer brings in Kid to work on Taurus’ arm for a change. Dreamer clears the ring and teases a dive, which is thankfully cut off.

Kid makes the save and some beer to the face (Rehwoldt: “A cerveza to the face-a!”) has Taurus down again. Back in and Taurus work son Dreamer’s arm before handing it off to Myers for the chinlock. A DDT gives Myers two but the Roster Cut misses, allowing Dreamer to grab the cutter. Kid comes back in to clean house, including a poisonrana to Taurus. Everything breaks down and Myers tries a dive, which Dreamer cuts off with a cookie sheet to the head. That leaves Kid to grab a sunset bomb for the pin at 10:37.

Result: Tommy Dreamer/Laredo Kid b. Brian Myers/Black Taurus – Sunset bomb to Myers (10:37)

Post match Dreamer puts Taurus through a table. That seemed unnecessary.

Trinity and Jordynne Grace are ready to work together at Final Resolution but they’ll fight at Hard To Kill.

Josh Alexander/Octagon Jr. vs. Moose/Toxin

Alexander shoulders Toxin down to start and the ankle lock goes on early. Octagon comes in and can’t manage to take down the much bigger Moose. Instead a spinning crossbody puts Moose down but he’s right back up with a fall away slam. Moose slams Toxin onto Octagon and it’s time to go after Octagon’s mask.

Another knockdown has Octagon in trouble and we take a break. Back with Alexander coming in off the hot tag and German suplexing Moose. A backbreaker hits Toxin as everything breaks down. Octagon 450s Toxin with Moose making the save. There’s a dropkick for two on Alexander with Octagon making the save this time.

Octagon is back up with a slingshot corkscrew splash for two on Moose but Toxin suplexes Alexander into the corner. Alexander grabs a spinning torture rack slam to Toxin and Octagon missile dropkicks Moose. Back up and Moose sends Octagon into the corner, setting up the spear for the pin at 16:15.

Result: Moose/Toxin b. Octagon Jr./Josh Alexander – Spear to Octagon Jr. (16:15)

Tommy Dreamer is ready to face Deaner at Final Resolution.

Coming to Impact at Snake Eyes on January 14: Kazuchika Okada.

Motor City Machine Guns/El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Los Vipers/Trey Miguel

Los Vipers are Latigo/Toxin. Shelley works on Miguel’s arm to start, including wrapping it around the rope. They chop it out until Shelley takes him down by the arm. Latigo and Sabin come in to pick up the pace by…having Latigo grab a wristlock. Sabin sends him outside though and we take a break.

Back with Shelley grabbing a Figure Four on Miguel but Toxin makes the fast save. Latigo grabs a weird limb tying up hold on Shelley until Vikingo breaks it up. Miguel’s slingshot double stomp gets two on Sabin but Vikingo comes in for the save to clean house. A frog splash gets two with Toxin making the save.

Latigo saves Toxin from a crossface but the Guns grab stereo crossfaces on Los Vipers. Miguel makes the save and gets a staredown with Vikingo. Miguel’s poisonrana gets two and frustration is setting in. Vikingo flips Miguel into a knee to the face and the middle rope phoenix splash finishes at 17:08.

Result: Motor City Machine Guns/El Hijo del Vikingo b. Los Vipers/Trey Miguel – Middle rope phoenix splash to Miguel (17:08)

Chris Sabin/Trinity b. Chik Tormenta/Dinamico – Rollup to Tormenta
Myzteziz Jr. b. Latigo and Eddie Edwards – Shooting star press to Edwards
Jordynne Grace/Sexy Star b. Deonna Purrazzo/Maravilla – Juggernaut Driver to Maravilla
Tommy Dreamer/Laredo Kid b. Brian Myers/Black Taurus – Sunset bomb to Myers
Moose/Toxin b. Octagon Jr./Josh Alexander – Spear to Octagon Jr.
Motor City Machine Guns/El Hijo del Vikingo b. Los Vipers/

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