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TNA Weekly PPV #100
Date: June 23, 2004
Location: Tennessee State Fairgrounds, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West

It’s a milestone show and something that I was requested to look at. I had gotten on a roll with doing the weekly PPVs but wound up dropping them a good many years ago. Hopefully I can get back to them one day as there is a lot of history there that hasn’t really been touched on. Anyway this is a big show, but something called Impact that debuted earlier in the month might make it a little less important. Let’s get to it.

I’m coming in blind on this one as I never watched the old weekly PPVs so I apologize in advance if I miss anything major. Also, for the sake of the “because TNA” moment, I’ve found multiple dates and numberings for this series, which seems to stem from some special Best Of shows which may or may not have counted. This is what is listed as #100 on Impact Plus so that’s what we’re going with.

We open with a recap, presumably of last week, with several stories taking place at once. Believe it or not, the top story seems to be boss Vince Russo vs. World Champion Jeff Jarrett.

Opening sequence.

Mike welcomes us to the show and runs down the card for the two year anniversary show.

Some legends, minus the expected Dusty Rhodes, are here.

Tag Team Titles: America’s Most Wanted vs. Nosawa/Miyamoto

AMW (Chris Harris/James Storm) are defending and are feuding with the Naturals over some stolen ring gear. Storm (who is hard to recognize without the facial hair) and Miyamoto start things off with some circling as the USA chants are on strong. A shoulder doesn’t get Miyamoto anywhere so they both try dropkicks at the same time. It’s already off to Harris, whose running shoulder works a good bit better. Harris clotheslines him into the corner and Nosawa comes in for the first time. A basement dropkick takes Harris down and a Shining Wizard gives Nosawa two.

We take a break (or at least seem like we do, even though this was a pay per view) and come back with AMW taking right back over on Nosawa, with Storm kicking him in the head. Miyamoto comes back in and the challengers pull Storm outside for a dive from Miyamoto to take over. The stomping continues and Harris’ failed interference doesn’t make things any better.

A running basement dropkick to the back of the head gets two but Storm headscissors his way to freedom. The hot tag brings in Harris to clean house and a powerslam gets two on Nosawa. Everything breaks down and a full nelson slam plants Miyamoto. There’s a powerslam for two on Nosawa and a spear sends Miyamoto outside. The Death Sentence (Trash Compactor) finishes Nosawa to retain at 7:13.

Rating: C. The match wasn’t exactly full of drama as I don’t think anyone labeled Team Insert Name Here was a major threat to win the title, but dang I forgot how good AMW really was. I know this isn’t the most fondly remembered era in wrestling history, but TNA had some great moments and wrestlers. AMW was some of the best they had and they deserved a big spot on a major show.

Post match the Naturals run down and chair AMW from behind. To make it even worse, they put makeup on the two of them and then beat them up even worse.

Kid Kash and Dallas (later known as Lance Archer) aren’t happy with Kash being pulled from an X-Division Title match because of a broken leg. Kash rants about how the NWA isn’t keeping him away from the ring or AJ Styles. He already has protection in Dallas, even though he doesn’t need it. Keep the title shined up for him. This was every “why is Kid Kash a thing?” segment ever.

We get a rhyming video on whoever is challenging AJ Styles tonight. Whoever it is, he sounds a heck of a lot like Jeff Hardy. That’s probably because it’s Jeff Hardy.

We look at Desire being injured a year ago. In her absence, Trinity has become a big star and she’s not ready to let it go, even if Desire is back.

Trinity vs. Desire

Stretcher match and Desire has Sonni Siaki with her. Trinity jumps her at the bell and the beating is on with the focus on Desire’s recently healed back. Desire comes back with a spear and right hands, which the announcers ignore to talk about the rules. A clothesline puts Trinity on the floor and Desire whips her into the barricade. They go to the stretcher for the first time and fall off in a hurry so Desire suplexes her onto the ramp.

Trinity whips her into the apron and stops to rip up a Desire sign for a good heel move. Desire goes into the barricade again but this time Trinity’s ax handle only hits steel. We take another break and come back with nothing changed as Desire loads her onto the stretcher. That’s broken up and they fight into the crowd with Trinity spearing her down and hammering away.

Trinity kicks her in the ribs and Black Shirt Security put Desire on the stretcher. Hold on though as Trinity would rather put her on a table but a legdrop off the balcony only hits wood (and then concrete). Security puts Trinity on the stretcher and roll her out to the ambulance but Big Vito of all people is inside and slams the door in Desire’s face. Vito yells about New York a lot as Desire is loaded into the ambulance to give Trinity the win at 9:52.

Rating: B. That might be a bit high but given what we were seeing in women’s wrestling (for the most part) at this time, this was the hardest hitting women’s brawl that had taken place in years. It felt like they wanted to beat each other up and I wasn’t expecting anything close to this. Heck of a surprise here and I liked it a lot more than I would have thought I was going to.

Vince Russo makes it clear: if Jeff Jarrett uses his guitar tonight, it’s an automatic DQ. Remember that a DQ in TNA means a title change. As for AJ’s opponent (who is going to be Jeff Hardy), no comment.

We get another rhyming video from AJ’s opponent. They do know we’ve heard Jeff Hardy speak before right?

We recap Scott D’Amore vs. Jerry Lynn. D’Amore is the Coach of Team Canada but cheats a lot and Lynn doesn’t like that. Tonight, Lynn is trying to take out the Coach.

Jerry Lynn vs. Scott D’Amore

I do miss the rock version of O Canada. D’Amore, who is an experienced wrestler, makes sure to yell at the Tennessee Titans in the crowd before the bell. After some stalling on the floor, we get the opening bell as the announcers talk about Raven paying tribute to the Sheik later tonight. Never let it be said that they were known for their focus. Lynn punches him down to start and D’Amore is already complaining to the referee.

A cheap shot lets D’Amore choke away as the announcers explain D’Amore’s big weight advantage (he’s not that big). Some armdrags set up Lynn’s cradle piledriver and D’Amore is outside in a hurry. We do another pretend break and come back with the camera on the legends from earlier. Back in and D’Amore grabs a headlock as this is firmly in first gear. That’s broken up and D’Amore gets backdropped so we can get some earthquake jokes.

D’Amore is ready to leave but Lynn makes the save, only to get decked on the way back in. The choking is on, followed by a knee to Lynn’s chest. A jawbreaker cuts off Lynn’s comeback but D’Amore gets sent to the apron, allowing Lynn to hit the slingshot Fameasser. D’Amore is right back up with a top rope clothesline for two, followed by a legdrop for the same.

Lynn gets in a bulldog though and a tornado DDT makes it worse. It’s still too early for the cradle piledriver so Lynn settles for a reverse DDT for two instead. After another non-break break, D’Amore grabs a cobra clutch and a Russian legsweep drops Lynn. D’Amore gets two off a moonsault, meaning more fat jokes. You know, because he’s so fat that he can do a not bad moonsault. D’Amore grabs the hockey stick and takes out the referee, meaning the hockey stick shot to Lynn can get two more. Lynn is right back up with the cradle piledriver (dropping D’Amore on his head) for the pin at 15:22.

Rating: D+. This was a really weird match as the story seemed to be that D’Amore was scared of Lynn to start and then he wrestled a normal match (with cheating of course). The fat stuff didn’t make sense either as while D’Amore was big, he was far from massive and it wasn’t a big deal to see Lynn pick him up. Not a terrible match, but slow and long, without a very clear story.

Post match Team Canada and Chris Sabin/Elix Skipper/the returning Christopher Daniels alternate run-ins for the beatdown/save.

The New York Connection (Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) and Johnny Swinger), who are dressed as a leprechaun/a hula dancer respectively. They have to wear this gear for another 23 days after losing a humiliation match or they lose their job. David Young (not on the roster) comes in to say people are laughing at him. Gilbertti: “NO KIDDING MAN! I’M A FREAKING LEPRECHAUN!” Young knows Gilbertti is a gambling man so make it double or nothing next week. Gilbertti offers to help Young get his first win in a long time. Swinger ignores the whole thing while checking out his pecs.


Mini Pierroth vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Pierroth is a good bit taller. We get some bullfighting with Pierroth’s cape so he challenges Sagrada to a test of strength. Pierroth keeps making fun of the size difference and drops to his knees and “HEY LOOK OVER THERE” actually works, allowing Sagrada to kick him in the ribs. A wristdrag sends Pierroth to the floor and it’s a hurricanrana from the apron, with the camera missing a lot of it. Back in and Pierroth ties the arm in the rope and goes for the mask.

That doesn’t go very far so it’s a basement dropkick to put Sagrada down again. The required break (What is up with that? It’s really distracting on a pay per view.) leads us to Pierroth hammering away in the corner but getting powerbombed off the middle rope. Sagrada gets two off a clothesline so Pierroth take the mask halfway off. Some armdrags have Pierroth down again and a victory roll gives Sagrada the pin at 8:12.

Rating: D+. I’ve never cared for these more often than not and that was the case again here. I know that it’s something big in Mexico but it never has quite translated over in America. The wrestling was fine but it’s the kind of thing that isn’t interesting and just feels like a sideshow more than anything else. Just a thing that happened.

Post match here’s David Young to go after Sagrada to try and break his losing streak. Pierroth’s save doesn’t work so here’s D-Ray 3000 for another failed save attempt. The referee pops up and hits a dropkick on Young so Ray and the minis can get a pin on Young, whose crazy long losing streak continues.

We look at D’Lo Brown returning and cleaning house. He wants the World Title.

Brown, with the head shake, is here to win the World Title. He’ll be watching the World Title match and challenging the winner…but here’s Monty Brown to jump him. Monty: “GO WOBBLE YOUR HEAD SOMEWHERE ELSE!” That almost made the show.

X-Division Title: AJ Styles vs. ???

AJ is defending (I still have this version of his theme on the iPod) and WOW! IT’S JEFF HARDY! He gets a heck of a reaction, though the complete lack of a surprise hurts it a lot. Tenay is happy to see Hardy and gets even better when he realizes that it’s Hardy vs. Styles. The fans are way behind Hardy but then get behind AJ a bit as well. After a minute of absorbing chants, AJ grabs a headlock as West is in his element shouting about all this stuff.

They go to the mat for a quick break and it’s an exchange of slaps. AJ gets the better of things and kicks the leg out as we do a non-break break. Jeff sends him to the floor and hits a dive for far less of a reaction than you might expect. Back in and AJ gets sent straight to the apron for a kick to the head. The yet to be named Phenomenal Forearm drops Hardy but he’s right back with a belly to back slam for two. It’s AJ back up again though and he puts Jeff on top, only to get knocked away for the Whisper in the Wind. They’re both down and it’s Kid Kash/Dallas for the double DQ at 6:57.

Rating: C. The match was more hype than substance but what mattered here was having a big deal for the special show. As annoying as the ending is, it’s a good way to go as you don’t want either of them losing here. Jeff signing is a big deal, but you never know what you’re going to get from him, which was especially a problem at this point.

Post match the beatdown is on but Hardy grabs a chair and cleans house. The Swanton hits Dallas and the villains bail. Hardy offers respect to AJ but he’s not interested.

It’s time for the Sheik tribute but Sabu comes in and only finds a Sheik mannequin hanging in effigy, with a “Raven, Nevermore” sign. Mickey Doyle, one of the legends, comes up and tells Sabu to do the right thing.

The announcers preview next week.

The legends (Sarah Lee, Corsica Joe, Larry Zbyszko and Harley Race) are presented.

We recap Ron Killings (better known as R-Truth) vs. Jeff Jarrett for the World Title. Killings is a two time World Champion and has become #1 contender again. Jarrett has used the guitar over and over again so Russo has made a ruling that if the guitar is used, it’s a DQ. That needed a special ruling?

We get a tale of the tape and of course the graphics glitch. Because TNA.

NWA World Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings

Killings (better known as R-Truth) is challenging. After the Big Match Intros, we’re still not ready to go as we need referee instructions. That’s not enough either as here’s Russo with another referee to check for guitars underneath the ring. There is indeed a guitar (in a cardboard box) but Larry Zbyszko thinks there might be another one under the ring. They find a second guitar and Jarrett is rather ticked off. Fair enough as that’s stealing Jarrett’s property.

Larry and Russo break the guitars (because just taking them to the back is unthinkable) and we finally start with a long lockup. Truth’s headlock into a shoulder lets him dance a bit and the chase heads to the floor. That just lets Jarrett get in some knees to the back, only to have Truth snap off some armdrags (popular move around here). Jarrett bails up the ramp and takes his time getting back in as you can feel the Memphis in this one.

Back in and Truth sends him into six straight top turnbuckles, setting up a legdrop for two. Jarrett dropkicks him to the floor and after the non-break, it’s a chair to Truth’s back, which is perfectly legal for some reason. There’s a whip into the announcers’ table so Jarrett gets tossed into the legends table. Truth takes too long climbing the set though and Jeff pulls him down, setting up a Stroke off the stage and through the table.

That’s good for nine, because a World Champion’s finishing move off the stage and through a table isn’t enough to keep someone down for ten seconds. The Figure Four goes on and Truth’s 3 Live Kru teammates (BG James (Road Dogg) and Konnan are here as Truth turns it over, sending Jarrett straight to the ropes. The rest of the Kru is ejected and Truth kicks him in the face for the double knockdown.

A sidekick lets Truth spin around a bit so Jeff clotheslines him for two more. The super Stroke is countered into a super bulldog for another near fall, followed by a sitout gordbuster to plant Jarrett. Truth mixes it up with a kneeling MuscleBuster (ouch) for another two.

The referee takes a shot to the eye so Jeff gets in a belt shot for the delayed near fall. There’s the full on ref bump and I can’t help but sigh. Jeff pulls out a hidden third guitar but Truth blocks it, even though the shot should make him champion. Well no one ever accused him of being smart. A low blow lets Truth hit the guitar shot on Jeff for the pin and the title at 14:02.

Rating: C. The lack of drama really hurt this one as you knew there wasn’t going to be a fall until you got to the guitar stuff at the end. It fits the story, but it doesn’t exactly make for the most thrilling match on the way there. That and Truth and Jarrett don’t have the most chemistry, which made this a little tougher. Not bad, but it was waiting to get to the screwiness.

Post match the Kru comes in to celebrate but the referee isn’t sure about this. Russo comes out and controversy reigns. Cue Dusty Rhodes to say do the right thing to end the show. Yes, a controversial finish on a Russo show. I’m as shocked as you are.

Overall Rating: D+. Yeah I can see why this has an audience, but it’s a weird mixture of exhausting and not very interesting. The biggest problem is the high amount of Russo booking on the show, as there is either mid-match or post match angle on almost every match. That gets really, really tiring and that was the case here. It’s not a terrible show and I’m sure that it would be better week to week, but there were a lot of moments where I was sitting around either waiting on things to pick up or getting sick of everything having some swerve/surprise. That’s a weird combination and it really didn’t work.

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