Impact Wrestling
Date: August 18, 2022
Location: Cicero Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

We’re coming off a pretty awesome Emergence and that means it is time to start getting going on the next special, meaning it’s off to Victory Road. I’m not sure what that is to entail but having the show just a few weeks ahead of Bound For Glory is more than a little weird. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Josh Alexander escaping Alex Shelley at Emergence.

Opening sequence.

Black Taurus vs. Laredo Kid vs. Rey Horus vs. Trey Miguel

Crazzy Steve is on commentary. Taurus gets triple dropkicked to the floor to start and Kid dives on him. Back in and Kid hits some tilt-a-whirl backbreakers before headscissoring Taurus into the corner. Some Sling Blades put Kid down though and it’s Miguel coming back in, only to get taken down as well. Horus backdrops Taurus outside but a slingshot hurricanrana is pulled out of the air.

A headbutt drops Horus so Miguel hurricanranas Kid into Taurus for the knockdown. Everyone gets back in with Taurus dropping Miguel, only to get poisonranaed by Horus. With everyone else outside, Horus hits a huge top rope moonsault onto the pile for the huge knockdown. Back in and Miguel takes Horus down but gets Canadian Destroyed by Kid, who is spun into a piledriver to give Taurus the pin at 7:32.

Result: Black Taurus b. Laredo Kid, Rey Horus and Trey Miguel – Piledriver to Kid (7:32)

We look back at Killer Kelly.

Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger are impressed with Kelly. Cue Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans to rant about how much better Steelz is. Kelly pops in and doesn’t seem to care, but seems to get a match with Evans for tonight.

Rich Swann talks to Josh Alexander about tonight’s #1 contenders match and Alexander wouldn’t mind Swann winning. Vincent comes in to say Eddie Edwards is going to win. Alexander glares at him.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Kenny King vs. Heath

Vincent is here with King and the slugout is on fast. An early Wake Up Call attempt is blocked so King is sent outside for a conference. Vincent offers enough of a distraction to get heath outside, with King hitting the corkscrew slingshot dive. We take a break and come back with Heath avoiding a springboard spinning legdrop and grabbing a jumping neckbreaker. King misses a charge in the corner and the Wake Up Call gives Heath the pin at 6:57.

Result: Heath b. Kenny King – Wake Up Call (6:57)

Post match here is Honor No More to beat Heath down, but Eddie Edwards spends awhile telling PCO to take Heath out. That takes so long that Heath hits a Wake Up Call on Bennett and gets out.

Kushida and the Motor City Machine Guns didn’t have a good night at Emergence but they’re ready to face Violent By Design next week. They are Time Machine.

Honor No More regroups until Scott D’Amore comes in. The team wants to know when their title shot is, but Doc Gallows is injured. Maria isn’t pleased, so D’Amore makes Matt Taven vs. Karl Anderson next week, and if Anderson wins, Maria is banned from ringside whenever the title match takes place.

Killer Kelly vs. Savannah Evans

Tasha Steelz is here with Evans. Kelly gets in her face to start before grabbing Evans’ hand and putting it around her own (as in Kelly’s) throat). That’s fine with Evans who sends her hard into the corner, only to have Kelly come back with a dropkick. A hard German suplex drops Kelly but she reverses a full nelson into the Killer Clutch for the tap at 3:32.

Result: Killer Kelly b. Savannah Evans – Killer Clutch (3:32)

Rosemary isn’t happy that she and Taya Valkyrie lost the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, saying that Havok would have been a better partner. Jessika has this though, as her debut match is next week.

We recap Masha Slamovich giving Jordynne Grace her death warrant.

Jordynne Grace is ready for Slamovich and respects Mia Yim. VXT comes in to mock her for not getting able to shake Mia’s hand. Trash is talked but here is Mia to issue the challenge for the titles. Deal.

X-Division Title: Chris Bey vs. Mike Bailey

Bailey is defending and armdrags him down a few times to start. Back up and Bailey kicks him in the head, sending Bey outside for a breather. The chase back inside lets Bey grab a slingshot DDT for two and Bailey is in trouble for a change. The Figure Four necklock goes on but Bailey is right back up with a running dropkick. It’s too early for the running corkscrew shooting star press but it’s not too early for Bailey’s bouncing kicks.

Bey is back up with a jumping Downward Spiral for two, only to miss a charge to the floor. That means Bailey can hit his middle rope moonsault but Bey kicks him down again. The big running flip dive takes Bailey down, setting up a top rope double stomp (with Bailey laying on the top rope). A sitout powerbomb gives Bey two but Bailey is back up with some more kicks. The Ultimate Weapon retains the title at 8:24.

Result: Mike Bailey b. Chris Bey – Ultimate Weapon (8:24)

Flashback Moment Of The Week: Christian Cage b. Ace Austin at Victory Road 2011.

Brian Myers runs into Bhupinder Gujjar and says this isn’t over.

Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann vs. Moose vs. Steve Maclin vs. Bandido

Elimination rules with tags required and the winner gets the shot at Josh Alexander at Bound For Glory. Swann and Bandido start things off with Bandido having to flip out of a wristlock. They both miss a bunch of dropkicks until Eddie and Sami tag themselves in. Everything breaks down and commentary explains the logic of not needing/wanting to be in the ring until the end.

We take a break and come back with Swann getting beaten down in the corner by Moose and Maclin, which doesn’t sit well with Sami. That’s appropriate as Swann gets over for the tag off to Sami to clean some house. The double teaming slows him down though and it’s a spear to give Moose the pin on Sami at 11:04. Then Maclin rolls Moose up for the pin at 11:08, which has Moose mad.

Callihan doesn’t leave and sends Maclin into Moose, allowing Bandido to hit the big dive to drop Maclin on the floor. Back in and the 21 Plex finishes Maclin at 12:07, leaving us with Eddie vs. Bandido vs. Swann. We take another break and come back with Swann and Bandido trading big shots to the head. Bandido starts striking away and grabs the one armed gorilla press. The pop up cutter gets two, as does Swann’s Lethal Injection.

Eddie tags himself in though and sends Swann into the post. The Boston Knee Party connects to get rid of Bandido at 19:57. We’re down to one on one and Swann gets elbowed in the face for two more. Swann catches him on top and snaps off a super hurricanrana, setting up the running kick to the head for two.

That’s enough for Eddie to be sent outside where he gets in a shot with Kenny the kendo stick for two more. Back in and the tiger driver is countered so Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for another near fall. That’s enough for Eddie who comes back with a vengeance with the Die Hard Driver and the winning pin at 25:29.

Result: Eddie Edwards b. Rich Swann, Moose, Sami Callihan, Steve Maclin and Bandido last eliminating Swann (25:29)

Honor No More celebrates to end the show.


Black Taurus b. Laredo Kid, Rey Horus and Trey Miguel – Piledriver to Kid
Heath b. Kenny King – Wake Up Call
Killer Kelly b. Savannah Evans – Killer Clutch
Mike Bailey b. Chris Bey – Ultimate Weapon
Eddie Edwards b. Rich Swann, Sami Callihan, Moose, Steve Maclin and Bandido – Die Hard Driver to Swann

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