That’s a specific request. No matter what your opinion of him may be, there has never been a more influential force in wrestling than Vince McMahon. His decision on wrestlers or characters can change someone’s career trajectory, though he is known for having quite the odd set of quirks. A current WWE Superstar is explaining how one of those quirks almost cost him a push.

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WWE Superstar Riddick Moss appeared on the NotSam Wrestling Live podcast and told a story about the introduction of his Madcap Moss character. McMahon explained the concept of the character, which Moss understood. However, McMahon insisted that Moss demonstrate that he knew how to laugh. Once he heard Moss laugh, McMahon was ok with going on with the character.

That’s certainly a way to go. Check out what Moss did as Madcap:

Opinion: Yep that McMahon for you, as he will want to know the most intricate detail of anyone he put on television. Moss was little more than a lackey to Baron Corbin yet McMahon insisted on hearing how he laughed. That is the kind of thing that most people won’t think of and most of the time it isn’t going to make a difference, but McMahon thinks differently than most people.

What do you think of the story? How should WWE use Moss? Let us know in the comments below.

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