That’s a bit below the belt. Earlier this year, WWE commentator Tom Phillips was caught in an extra-marital affair on Instagram, where he was found sending sexual messages to a woman other than his wife. While the event didn’t seem to cause Phillips any professional trouble, it was actually addressed this week on WWE TV, albeit not directly.

This week on “205 Live”, Corey Graves referenced the Phillips ordeal during a discussion of the Noam Dar/Alicia Fox/Rich Swann storyline. In the story, Swann sent Fox gifts in an attempt to break them up, only to turn Fox’s advances to him down. During the night, Graves made two references to Phillips’ affair.

First up, Graves said:

“It’s not like Dar was sending DMs on Instagram to people that he shouldn’t have been. There’s nothing embarrassing about what he’s done. He simply stole the heart of a beautiful woman from Cedric Alexander, who was neglectful, didn’t show Alicia Fox the attention she truly deserved.”

And then in a bit more veiled line (You’ll need to see what Phillips said on Instagram to get this one):

“It’s a lot longer flight than four hours for Dar.”

Opinion: That’s quite the pair of lines for a WWE show but it’s something that would be done all the time back in the day. If you don’t know the joke it goes over your head but if you know what’s really being said, it can be very amusing. It seemed that Phillips took everything in stride, which is all you can do in that situation.

Were you ok with what Graves said? What’s your favorite inside joke from WWE commentary? Let us know in the comments below.


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