That doesn’t make a lot of cents. In its final years, WCW was one of the biggest disasters the wrestling business had ever seen, allegedly losing over a million dollars a week for over a year straight. While various things can be blamed for the collapse, Chris Jericho has weighed in on why he thinks the company went under.

Chris Jericho calls out Goldberg: Thunder - October 8, 1998

Jericho was recently cleaning out some stuff from his house and found a check that WCW sent him in the year 2000. The check is for fifteen cents, which Jericho points out meant they lost even more money as the price of a stamp at that point was thirty three cents. Jericho posted an image of the check on Instagram:

Opinion: I can always go for some Jericho sarcasm. While he’s clearly kidding about this being why WCW went under, assuming this is a royalty check, a bigger issue for me is the fact that he only made 15 cents in royalties so soon after he was gone from the company. You would think they would have sold his leftover merchandise when he was a hot name but apparently that wasn’t something they were interested in doing. Then again they were probably too busy putting Judy Bagwell on a forklift to make the REAL money.

What is your favorite Jericho moment in WCW? When do you think Jericho will return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.


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