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Women’s Tag Team Tournament Episode 2
Date: August 10, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Veda Scott

We’re back with presumably the second half of the first round, meaning the tournament is probably going to go another three weeks at most. One of the two matches has been announced and there is a bit of a surprise entrant included. Last week’s show wasn’t quite a smash so hopefully they pick it up a bit this week. Let’s get to it.

We open with a quick recap of last week’s first round matches.

Opening sequence.

Big Swole draws her name and gets….someone she knows, whose name isn’t important enough for her to say. Dasha names her Lil Swole.

Leva Bates and Rache Chanel are teaming together.

Quarterfinals: Leva Bates/Rache Chanel vs. Big Swole/Lil Swole

Bates, with Peter Avalon, brings Chanel a book about fashion, much to Chanel’s appreciation. As Veda talks about how great Lil Swole is, she takes Chanel down by the arm to start. Back up and Lil is sent outside, where Big carries her around the ring for the save.

They get back in with Big taking over on Leva, with Lil grabbing the Rings of Saturn. Chanel makes the save by tapping her in the head with a brush and Lil is taken into the corner. Some prancing sets up a kick to Lil’s face but Lil powers out of the corner, allowing the hot tag to Big. Chanel is powerbombed down but Bates spears Big down. Lil loads up a powerbomb with Chanel making a save, though the referee doesn’t notice the count. Instead, Chanel is sent outside and it’s a short Downward Spiral/Natural Selection combination to finish Bates at 8:45.

Result: Big Swole/Lil Swole b. Leva Bates/Rache Chanel – Downward Spiral/Natural Selection combination to Bates (8:45)

Ivelisse draws Diamante as her partner.

Madusa pops in and makes Dasha draw, because somehow she didn’t know she was in the tournament. Dasha gets…..Rachael Ellering.

Quarterfinals: Rachael Ellering/Dasha Gonzalez vs. Ivelisse/Diamante

Ivelisse elbows Dasha in the face but Dasha is back with an armdrag into a nipup. A front flip into a bad forearm sets up an equally bad dropkick to put Ivelisse into the corner. That means it’s off to Ellering vs. Diamante, with the former taking her down by the arm. There’s a running shoulder to put Diamante down, allowing Rachael to pose.

A double suplex drops Diamante again and there’s a cartwheel moonsault from Dasha. Diamante blocks a suplex attempt and brings Ivelisse back in, meaning it’s a Lotus Lock (full nelson with the legs). Some running elbows in the corner set up a Downward Spiral for two on Dasha and Ivelisse hammers away. Ivelisse misses a spinning kick to the head though and the hot tag brings in Ellering to clean house.

Ellering hits the running backsplash for two on Ivelisse, who accidentally knocks Diamante off the apron. A middle rope legdrop gets two on Ivelisse, with Diamante making the save. Diamante pulls Ivelisse out of the way of a splash in the corner, followed by a wheelbarrow Stunner on Dasha. A Code Red finishes Dasha at 10:15.

Result: Ivelisse/Diamante b. Rachael Ellering/Dasha Gonzalez – Code Red to Gonzalez (10:15)

The Swoles talk about having chemistry for a long time and use the word swole for almost everything.

Dasha, who just lost, can’t stop smiling because that was something she had wanted to do. Dasha: “I had my first loss in AEW and hopefully it won’t be my last.”

Ivelisse and Diamante say they are a threat.

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