Date: November 17, 2023
Location: Kia Forum, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Chris Jericho, Tony Schiavone

It’s the final final show before Full Gear as Rampage is in its normal spot after Collision aired a night early. The main attraction here is Christian Cage defending the TNT Title against Trent Beretta, who earned the shot earlier tonight on Collision. Other than that, we’ll hear from Jay White so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Chris Jericho comes out for commentary and milks some Judas from the crowd.

TNT Title: Trent Beretta vs. Christian Cage

Cage is defending and has Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne with him. They go face to face to start with Trent not being intimidated. They grapple a bit until cage misses a charge and falls out to the floor. Back in and Cage hits him in the face, meaning it’s time to choke away in the corner. Trent is fine enough to send him outside for a slingshot dive but Cage grabs the referee. That allows Wayne to get in a cheap shot and we take an early break.

Back with Cage grabbing a chinlock until Trent fights up for a slingshot spear. Trent snaps off a German suplex and blocks the tornado DDT. A super hurricanrana gives Trent two but Cage sends him outside. Back in and Trent grabs his own tornado DDT for two as Nigel is getting a bit panicky. Trent’s running knee gets two more, followed by Strong Zero for the same. Luchasaurus offers his own distraction though and Cage sends Trent hard into the buckle. The Killswitch retains the title at 10:18.

Result: Christian Cage b. Trent Beretta – Killswitch (10:18)

Chris Jericho rants into the camera about how he and Kenny Omega are going to beat the Young Bucks.

Toni Storm vs. Emi Sakura

Storm has Luther with her and offers Sakura the match’s script to start. Sakura isn’t having any of that and they start fast with Storm sending her outside. Storm stops to pose on the apron though, allowing Sakura to hit a running crossbody to the ribs.

We take a break and come back with Sakura firing off chops but Storm isn’t having any of that. A running bulldog sets up a rather wound up right hand, only to walk into a tiger driver for two. Sakura’s backbreaker gets the same but she misses (by that I mean she hits Storm but wasn’t supposed to) a moonsault. Storm’s DDT doesn’t really work either so she goes with the hip attack and Storm Zero for the pin at 8:22 instead.

Result: Toni Storm b. Emi Sakura – Storm Zero (8:22)

Eddie Kingston is in the back with Jay Lethal and company with Lethal promising to take the Ring Of Honor World Title on the Full Gear Zero House show. Kingston wants to know why Lethal is talking like them. That’s not the Lethal he remembers and everyone leaves before violence ensues. Kingston turns around and Ortiz is waiting on him.

Roderick Strong vs. Action Andretti

The Kingdom is here too. Strong decks him to start but Andretti hits a dropkick right back. Some kicks to the ribs put Andretti back down before Strong rubs him face first into the mat. Andretti’s chops don’t have much effect but a kick to the ribs and a swinging neckbreaker do. A Falcon Arrow gives Andretti two more and we take a break.

Back with Andretti fighting up and hitting some running forearms. Andretti sends him outside and dropkicks the Kingdom, followed by a Spanish Fly….and Strong lands on his head. The referee and doctor come in to check on Strong and the camera goes wide as you can tell the fans know that didn’t go right. Thankfully Strong gets up and seems ok as he fires off some shoulders to the ribs in the corner. The jumping knee and End Of Heartache finish Andretti at 9:36.

Result: Roderick Strong b. Action Andretti – End Of Heartache (9:36)

We get a sitdown interview with Jay White, who still believes that MJF is the Devil. White promises to win tomorrow night and does NOT like being compared to MJF. He talks about what will happen when he wins the title but here is MJF to jump him for a brawl. Juice Robinson comes in and sends MJF into a room with White following.

White opens the door and gets a TV thrown at him as MJF chases him outside. They go into the arena where MJF takes White down in the ring and gets the belt back….only to have the Gunns jump him. MJF won’t let go of the belt but the numbers’ game gets the better of it. Cue Samoa Joe to chase the Club off and shake MJF’s hand as we seem to have a team.

A Full Gear rundown and a lot of posing (plus Jericho getting in one more shout about the pay per view) wrap us up.


Christian Cage b. Trent Beretta – Killswitch
Toni Storm b. Emi Sakura – Storm Zero
Roderick Strong b. Action Andretti – End Of Heartache


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