Date: June 7, 2024
Location: Blue Arena, Loveland, Colorado
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Matt Menard

The road to Forbidden Door continues and for once I’m almost believing we might get something new this week. Rampage has been built up a bit more in recent weeks and that has made things more interesting. It is nice to see the show feel a bit more important and hopefully that continues here. Let’s get to it.

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. The Butcher

They shove each other around to start until Butcher knocks him down and hammers away against the ropes. Penta fights back and strikes away in the corner, setting up a handstand dropkick to rock Butcher again. A headscissors sends Butcher to the floor, where he runs over Alex Abrahantes.

The distracted Penta gets run over and clotheslined against the apron as Butcher takes over. Butcher works on the arm and kicks him in the shoulder as we take a break. Back with Penta hitting a Sling Blade for two and the Backstabber out of the corner gets the same. Butcher’s half nelson backbreaker gets the same but Penta Fear Factors him to win at 9:48.

Result: Penta El Zero Miedo b. The Butcher – Fear Factor (9:48)

Here is the Learning Tree so Chris Jericho can critique Matt Menard’s commentary. That’s it.

Acclaimed vs. Hunter Grey/Parviz

It’s a brawl to start but Caster hits an AA on Grey. The Mic Drop finishes Grey at 55 seconds.

Result: Acclaimed b. Hunter Grey/Parviz – Mic Drop to Grey (0:55)

Post match, scissoring ensues.

Shane Taylor Promotions wants Action Andretti/Top Flight.

Gates Of Agony vs. Private Party

Kassidy starts fast and hits a springboard Stunner on Toa but a Pounce on the floor has Private Party rocked as we take a break. Back with Kassidy hitting a bit flip dive onto the Gates, setting up a Swanton for two. Kaun takes both of them down in the corner and hands it back to Toa to take over. Quen avoids a Vader Bomb and it’s back to Kassidy for a 450, with Quen adding a shooting star for two. Toa is right back with a swinging Rock Bottom and Open The Gates finishes Kassidy at 7:47.

Result: Gates Of Agony b. Private Party – Open The Gates to Kassidy (7:47)

Toni Storm is ready to make cinema with Lady Frost on Collision.

Bang Bang Gang vs. Caleb Crush/Chris Wilde/Tyler Payne

The Gunns let Robinson start and he runs Crush over, knocks Wilde off the apron, and pulls Payne in. A spinebuster into a Cannonball sets up the forward DDT to finish Crush at 1:34.

Result: Bang Bang Gang b. Caleb Crush/Chris Wilde/Tyler Payne – Forward DDT to Crush (1:34)

Post match Jay White brags about the team’s success and calls Robinson the Stray Bullet. White names Robinson a quarter of the Trios Champions so we might have a Freebird Rule.

Mina Shirakawa vs. Serena Deeb

Mina dances to start before Deeb works on a standing armbar. That’s reversed into a wristlock but Deeb reverses the reversal into the Paradise Lock. With that broken up, Mina kicks the leg out and drops some elbows onto said leg before just dropping it onto the mat. Back up and Deeb manages a neckbreaker over the middle rope for a breather. We take a break and come back with Mina enziguring her way to freedom.

The bad knee won’t let her follow up immediately but she’s fine enough to rock Deeb with a discus forearm. Another forearm hits Deeb in the corner and a top rope knee to the shoulder gets two. They trade standing switches until Deeb hits a hard German suplex. The hammerlock lariat gives Deeb two but Deebtox is blocked.

Mina is right back with a Figure Four and they even slap it out while the hold is still on. The rope is eventually grabbed for the break but Deeb’s knee is shot. Somehow it’s fine enough to hit a powerbomb into a stretch muffler of all things. Deeb takes out Mina’s knee for a change and rams it into the mat. There’s no Serenity Lock though as Mina grabs a reverse sitout implant DDT for the pin at 13:19.

Result: Mina Shirakawa b. Serena Deeb – Reverse sitout implant DDT (13:19)

Post match Mariah May comes out to celebrate but Toni Storm, in a bathrobe and with a towel over her head, comes out to glare. May invites her in and we do get a handshake with Mina. They both hold the ropes open for May to end the show.

Penta El Zero Miedo b. The Butcher – Fear Factor
Acclaimed b. Hunter Grey/Parviz – Mic Drop to Grey
Gates Of Agony b. Private Party – Open The Gates to Kassidy
Bang Bang Gang b. Caleb Crush/Chris Wilde/Tyler Payne – Forward DDT to Crush
Mina Shirakawa b. Serena Deeb – Reverse sitout implant DDT

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