There’s a chance? Like any other athlete, wrestlers hope that their careers can last as long as possible. That can be difficult given the physical nature of the sport and everyone has to hang up their boots at some point. Unfortunately some of those moments come sooner than later, but occasionally there is a hope that someone can get back in the ring later. We might be seeing that again.

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Back in April, AEW’s Chuck Taylor was attacked by Trent Beretta, who further injured Taylor’s previously damaged ankle. As a result, Taylor was believed to have to retire due to his injuries. However, in a new interview with AEW, Taylor revealed that he could undergo surgery and have his status reassessed. While he says it might just be him hoping, he cites other wrestlers who have returned from “career ending injuries”. Taylor, 38, initially injured his ankle during a match on Rampage in October 2023.

There is a lot to this. Check out the interview and Taylor in AEW:

Opinion: I’m not sure if Taylor is going to be able to wrestle again in the future, but having a hope spot is better than the whole thing being completely done. It would be nice to see him get back in the ring, if nothing else for the sake of getting to end his career on his own terms. You never want to see someone go out because of an injury so hopefully Taylor can have one more run, just to wrap it all up.

What do you think of Taylor? Who would you like to see him face in a final match? Let us know in the comments below.

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