That’s not going to work. Retirement is a tricky situation in wrestling as it is certainly different than other sports. While athletes in other sports have to wrap it up rather than playing another season, a wrestler can come back for one more match in a special moment. That is something that can create quite the stir, but now we know why one legend did not return to the ring one more time.

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WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet and spoke about potentially returning to the ring for one final match. Henry, 52 years old, said that the match never happened due to the condition of his back, which he said will likely need surgery one day. Henry’s most recent match took place on April 27, 2018 when he competed in the Greatest Royal Rumble. He left AEW, where he was working behind the scenes, last month.

Henry had quite the career. Check out his time in the ring:

Opinion: That is as simple of an explanation as you’ll see and it makes sense. Henry has not been in the ring in over six years and he is currently not healthy enough to do it again. Maybe that changes one day and Henry can do a short match, but for now he only has his Hall Of Fame career to lean back on. It’s nice to see Henry being smart enough to realize that he needs to get healthy first, which is more than others would do.

What do you think of Henry’s career? Who would you like to see him face in a final match? Let us know in the comments below.

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