Date: December 8, 2023
Location: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Tony Schiavone, Matt Menard

It’s kind of a special show this week with a Continental Classic match between Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia. That should get us back to pretty much even after Danielson missed the first week of the tournament and now we get to see where it goes from here. Maybe World’s End can get a boost as well, though that’s not normally Rampage’s style. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

International Title: Orange Cassidy vs. Angelico

Cassidy, with Danhausen (to cancel out Serpentico) is defending and this actually ties back into Ring Of Honor, where Cassidy and Danhausen saved Christopher Daniels from Angelico and Serpentico. Angelico goes after the arm to start but Cassidy reverses into a crucifix for two. The threat of the Orange Punch sends Angelico bailing to the floor and that means its time for the first of probably fourteen All In tickets on sale mentions on the night.

Back in and Angelico goes after the knee to slow Cassidy down and the leg is tied up (with another leg behind Cassidy’s neck to make it worse). That’s broken up and we take a break, coming back with Angelico taking out the leg again. Cassidy sends him into the corner but Serpentico’s distraction lets Angelico score with a big boot. That means Danhausen can go after Angelico, complete with a curse. Angelico is fine enough to grab a leglock but Cassidy gets his hands in his pockets (Tony: “IT GIVES HIM POWER!”) and rolls over to the ropes. The Orange Punch retains the title at 11:45.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Angelico – Orange Punch (11:45)

Trish Adora vs. Abadon

Adora chops away in the corner, setting up some kicks to the chest for one. Abadon gets a boot up in the corner though and unloads with forearms. A superkick and running knee set up the Black Dahlia to finish Adora at 3:32.

Result: Abadon b. Trish Adora – Black Dahlia (3:32)

Post match the lights go out and Julia Hart pops up to taunt Abadon with the title. Then Hart, and the title, disappear.

Video on Mercedes Martinez vs. Willow Nightingale.

Don Callis Family vs. Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels

Don Callis joins commentary. Daniels chops away at Hobbs to start before firing off some forearms for some more luck. Hobbs runs him over and Takeshita adds a middle rope backsplash for two. Sydal comes in and armdrags Takeshita into a break. Back with Hobbs throwing Sydal down again before running Daniels over as well. The World’s Most Dangerous Slam finishes Daniels at 8:40.

Result: Don Callis Family b. Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels – World’s Most Dangerous Slam to Daniels (8:40)

Action Andretti and Top Flight are ready to face Penta El Zero Miedo and company.

Continental Classic Blue League: Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia

Danielson takes him down by the arm to start and suplexes Garcia over as Garcia is in over his head to start. The big kick misses though and Garcia grabs a rollup for two. Neither can get their big hold and it’s a standoff as things reset a bit. Danielson starts kicking at the leg but Garcia kicks away in the corner to take over again. Garcia ties him in the Tree of Woe for a running dropkick but Danielson snaps off a German suplex.

We take a break and come back with….Schiavone shilling All In tickets again. They slug it out again until Danielson pulls him into the triangle choke with elbows to the head. The rope gets Garcia out of trouble but it’s too early for the running knee. Instead Garcia pulls him into the Dragonslayer but Danielson slips out. A hard piledriver plants Danielson for two so Garcia loads up his own running knee. That takes too long (due to dancing) and Danielson hits the real running knee for two. The LeBell Lock goes on and Garcia passes out at 15:27.

Result: Bryan Danielson b. Daniel Garcia – LeBell Lock (15:27)

Blue League Standings
Bryan Danielson – 6 points (3 matches remaining)
Brody King – 6 points (3 matches remaining)
Andrade El Idolo – 3 points (4 matches remaining)
Claudio Castagnoli – 3 points (3 matches remaining)
Eddie Kingston – 0 points (3 matches remaining)
Daniel Garcia – 0 points (2 matches remaining)

Danielson spits on him to end the show.

Orange Cassidy b. Angelico – Orange Punch
Abadon b. Trish Adora – Black Dahlia
Don Callis Family b. Matt Sydal/Christopher Daniels – World’s Most Dangerous Slam to Daniels
Bryan Danielson b. Daniel Garcia – LeBell Lock

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