Date: June 21, 2023
Location: Wintrust Arena, Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

It’s the go home Dynamite for Forbidden Door and you can likely expect some matches to be added to the card as there are only four at the moment. Other than that, we should probably bet on some New Japan stars showing up to build the matches that are already there. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Hardys vs. Gunns

Matt takes over on Colten to start and Jeff comes in to take over in the corner. Austin gets in a cheap shot from the apron to take over and the alternating villainous beatdown is on. Jeff avoids a charge in the corner though and it’s Matt coming in to clean house. The Twist of Fate gets two on Austin and a neck snap across the top gets the same on Matt.

Another Twist of Fate is countered via a grab of the rope and a twisting butterfly suplex gets two, with Jeff having to make the save. Jeff hits a double DDT and a double legdrop between the legs to keep the Gunns down. Cue Bullet Club Gold to break up the Swanton though and 3:10 To Yuma finishes Jeff at 6:58.

Result: Gunns b. Hardys – 3:10 to Yuma to Jeff (6:58)

Post match the beatdown is on, including a Robinson left hand with a roll of quarters to Jeff. Ricky Starks and FTR make the save but the villains beat them down as well. CM Punk runs in for the real save, with the Club escaping the GTS. Punk, in a Danhausen shirt, issues the challenge for Collision and we’re on. Punk: “I’m a Collision guy! I’m not even supposed to be here!”

Video on Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Mark Briscoe

This is a Concession Stand Brawl, which is exactly what it sounds like. They immediately fight over to the merch area and Jarrett is sent through a table. Back to the concession area and Mark is sent through a plastic shield. Cue Karen Jarrett with ketchup to Mark’s eyes but he fights back and loads up a ladder. Cue Sonjay Dutt to shove him off that ladder and we take a break.

Back with Briscoe getting beaten down in the ring with Jay Lethal joining in. Papa Briscoe pops up for the save but Karen comes in again for a cheap shot. Cue Satnam Singh to chokeslam Mark but Christopher Daniels, the Best Friends and the Lucha Bros come in to take him out. In the melee, Mark rolls Jarrett up for the pin at 8:28.

Result: Mark Briscoe b. Jeff Jarrett – Rollup (8:28)

The Blackpool Combat Club, with Konosuke Takeshita and Don Callis, are in the back with Jon Moxley saying that the only letters that matter in wrestling are BCC. The challenge is on for a five on five match at Forbidden Door, with the Elite needing two more members to accept. Bryan Danielson wants Kazuchika Okada out there for a staredown tonight or he’s a coward.

Video on the Collision debut.

Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara/Minoru Suzuki vs. Dante Martin/AR Fox/Action Andretti

Andretti and Sammy flip around to start before it’s off to Martin to lose a forearm exchange with Suzuki. Jericho comes in and does the Le Sex Gods pose, with Suzuki posing with him for a bonus. A cheap shot from the apron drops Fox and Jericho hits a belly to back suplex as we take a break. Back with Andretti hitting a springboard clothesline to drop Jericho, setting up a shotgun dropkick into the corner.

Suzuki chokes Andretti and Martin breaks it up, earning that insane smile from Suzuki in a funny bit. Guevara comes in with a double cutter from the top, leaving Jericho to send Fox to the apron. An imploding flip dive takes out Guevara (and Martin by mistake), leaving Andretti to hit the running shooting star press for two on Jericho (how he beat him in their singles match). The sleeper is broken up and Martin kicks Jericho down, only to get pulled out of the air into the Liontamer for the tap at 10:25.

Result: Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara/Minoru Suzuki b. Dante Martin/AR Fox/Action Andretti – Liontamer to Martin (10:25)

Post match Jericho calls out Sting, saying Sting will show up for the highest bidder. The challenge is on for a six man at Forbidden Door so here are Sting and Darby Allin. Sting puts his arm around Jericho’s neck and accepts, with Jericho wanting to know the partner. Sting whispers something to Jericho and Allin says Jericho will find out at Collision.

Tony Schiavone and RJ City draw names for the blind eliminator tag team tournament. We don’t hear who they are, but names have been drawn.

The Elite are in for the ten man match and Eddie Kingston says he’ll be there too. He gets to pick the fifth member though.

Here is Adam Cole for a chat. He did everything he could to win last week but couldn’t do it. What he does know is that MJF did the right thing by not accepting the challenge for five more minutes, but Cole invites him to come out here right now. Cue MJF to say he’s better than these people. Fans: “SHUT THE F*** UP!” MJF: “No.”

MJF was glad to see the old Cole back last week but what matters is he had Cole beat last week. As for Cole’s rematch request, that’s a no. Hold on though as Tony Schiavone has an announcement. Cole and MJF: “SHUT UP SCHIAVONE!” The announcement is that the two of them will be teaming up in the blind eliminator tournament. The fans want a hug but get Hiroshi Tanahashi on screen to threaten MJF. Cole thinks MJF is scared that someone might better than him, which is enough for MJF to accept for Forbidden Door. Cole: “Good luck partner.”

Here are the brackets for the men’s Owen Hart Foundation tournament:

CM Punk
Satoshi Kojima

Roderick Strong
Samoa Joe

Dustin Rhodes
Powerhouse Hobbs

Juice Robinson
Ricky Starks

And the women’s brackets:

Britt Baker
Ruby Soho

Anna Jay
Skye Blue

Nyla Rose
Willow Nightingale

Billie Starkz

Katsuyori Shibata/Orange Cassidy vs. Daniel Garcia/Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre and Shibata go to the mat to start and the grapple off is a stalemate. The other two come in and we take a break during the four way staredown. Back with Shibata and Sabre trading holds again and going to a standoff. Cassidy and Garcia come in for a mini dance off of all things until Cassidy rolls him up for two. Sabre comes in to take Cassidy down and crank on the neck, including a figure our necklock. The arm crank goes on and Garcia adds a leglock to put Cassidy in even more trouble.

We take another break and come back again with Cassidy fighting his way out of trouble and bringing it back to Shibata to kick at Sabre. Garcia kicks away at Shibata but Cassidy and Shibata give him the lazy kicks. The pace picks way up with Cassidy and Sabre fighting to the floor. Shibata grabs Garcia’s leg but Sabre makes the save with a neck crank. Garcia and Shibata trade kicks to the face but Cassidy accidentally Orange Punches Shibata. Sabre cuts Cassidy off and Garcia gets the rollup pin on Shibata at 16:34.

Result: Daniel Garcia/Zack Sabre Jr. b. Katsuyori Shibata/Orange Cassidy – Rollup to Shibata (16:34)

Official for Forbidden Door: these four in a four way for Cassidy’s International Title.

Will Ospreay talks about how much he hates Canada and Don Callis comes in to blame it on Kenny Omega. Callis knows what it’s like to have heat in Canada and offers his private security to Ospreay. All he wants is a fair fight, which Ospreay may not buy.

Toni Storm says Willow Nightingale represents the people and Storm can’t stand them. On Sunday, Nightingale gets a title shot.

TBS Title: Taya Valkyrie vs. Kris Statlander

Statlander is defending and dodges a charge to start. Taya chops away but gets low bridged to the floor, setting up Statlander’s moonsault (her arm hit Taya) to put her down again. Back up and Taya dropkicks her off the apron and we take a break. We come back with Taya hitting a double underhook drop for two and a spear cuts Statlander down again. The sliding German suplex drops Statlander again but she’s fine enough to hit a top rope superplex. Wednesday Night Fever retains the title at 8:52.

Result: Kris Statlander b. Taya Valkyrie – Wednesday Night Fever (8:52)

Here’s what’s coming on various shows.

Here is Eddie Kingston to announce the final member of his team but cue Jon Moxley to interrupt. They get in each others’ face and argue about Kingston’s hatred for Claudio Castagnoli. Kingston doesn’t have time for this though and announces Tomohiro Ishii as the fifth member. Cue the Blackpool Combat Club to beat Ishii down, with Bryan Danielson calling out Kazuchika Okada. Cue Okada for the staredown with Danielson but Wheeler Yuta jumps Okada from behind. The fight is on and Danielson has to bail from the threat of the Rainmaker. Yuta gets hit with it instead to end the show.

Gunns b. Hardys – 3:10 To Yuma to Jeff
Mark Briscoe b. Jeff Jarrett – Rollup
Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara/Minoru Suzuki b. Action Andretti/Dante Martin/AR Fox – Liontamer to Martin
Daniel Garcia/Zack Sabre Jr. b. Katsuyori Shibata/Orange Cassidy – Rollup to Shibata
Kris Statlander b. Taya Valkyrie – Wednesday Night Fever

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