I could go for some cross-sport action. Mixed martial arts has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and there is little reason to see it slowing down anytime soon. The fighters are incredibly athletic and professional wrestling has taken notice, with athletes from both sports crossing over. That is the case with some big names, but a certain Hall of Famer isn’t a fan of one of the most famous fighters of all time.

There are very few fighters as popular around the world as Conor McGregor. Armed with one of the most active mouths of all time and some of the most exciting fights to match, McGregor became the face of the sport but took some time off to get into boxing, as well as seemingly just relax a bit. Based off the success, it was all but a guarantee for some wrestling comparisons to begin, which did not sit well with everyone.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry discussed McGregor on a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, responding to statements McGregor made in 2016. McGregor had said that “’he would slap the head off the entire roster and twice on Sundays”. Henry said that if McGregor tried that on him, Henry would “tear your skin off. AND I will hang your skin in my closet. “there were fifty wrestlers who could beat McGregor, including Braun Strowman and Chad Gable.

Credit to SECScoops for the quotes.

McGregor has been a topic in WWE before. Check out some wrestlers commenting on him:

Opinion: I’m with Henry here, as there comes a point where technique is only going to get you so far. McGregor is not a huge man and if someone were to get their hands on him, it would not likely end well. Gable may not be huge, but he is an Olympic wrestler and would not likely have much of a problem with taking McGregor down. McGregor could likely take out a lot of the WWE locker room, but at some point someone would be able to stop him, though it would be fun to see the whole thing happen.

Will McGregor ever wrestle? Who would you like to see him face and under which rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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