Date: October 7, 2023
Location: Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Commentators: Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Nigel McGuinness

It’s a special show as we’re on an hour earlier this week, which is due to the Major League Baseball playoffs, though I’m sure AEW is happy to get an hour unopposed by WWE Fastlane. The big match this week is FTR defending the Tag Team Titles against Ricky Starks and Big Bill so let’s get to it.

We get a narrated opening, talking about some of the bigger matches tonight.

Bryan Danielson, Kyle Fletcher, Big Bill, Ricky Starks, Eddie Kingston and FTR are ready to fight.

Opening sequence.

Tag Team Titles: FTR vs. Ricky Starks/Big Bill

Starks and Bill are challenging and Wheeler gets knocked off the apron for a crash to start. With Wheeler holding his ribs, Starks and Bill start going after Harwood and his injured shoulder. Bill knocks Harwood to the floor and chokeslams Wheeler through the announcers’ table for the huge crash. Back in and Harwood avoids Bill’s running splash in the corner, then does it again for a bonus. A Sharpshooter attempt is banged up and Harwood’s arm is taken out again. Bill hits a chokeslam and, at Starks’ orders, two more, plus Starks’ spear gives us new champions at 4:33.

Result: Ricky Starks/Big Bill b. FTR – Spear to Harwood (4:33)

We look at the Don Callis’ Family’s beatdown on Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho on Dynamite.

FTR has to be helped to the back.

Bryan Danielson vs. Kyle Fletcher

They fight over a lockup to start with Fletcher shoving him down in a surprise power display. Back up and Fletcher loses a test of strength, allowing Danielson to knock him down without much effort. Danielson scores with some kicks and grabs the surfboard but Fletcher gets out. Fletcher fights up and knocks him to the floor, setting up the big dive as we take a break.

Back with Danielson hitting a running clothesline and the YES Kicks connect for two. Danielson snaps off a super hurricanrana and hits some running kicks in the corner. Fletcher shrugs one of them off and hits one of his own, followed by a brainbuster for two. A missed kick in the corner leaves Fletcher down so Danielson goes with an ankle lock.

They trade German suplexes to leave both of them down but Fletcher is back up with a Michinoku Driver. A nasty dragon sleeper has Danielson getting over to the ropes so Fletcher takes him up top. The reverse superplex connects but Danielson rolls through into a European Clutch for the pin at 15:55.

Result; Bryan Danielson b. Kyle Fletcher – European Clutch (15:55)

Post match the Gates of Agony run in to beat on Danielson before he faces Swerve Strickland on Dynamite.  Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli make the save.

Big Bill and Ricky Starks brag about their title win because they look, talk, walk and act like stars. Starks dubs them the new faces of Collision.

Angelico/Gravity/Metalik vs. Bullet Club Gold

Serpentico and Jay White are here too. Austin and Gravity start things off for a slow motion exchange. Finally a right hand drops Gravity but he’s right back up with a wristlock. Robinson and Metalik come in for a shove off. Metalik kicks him in the ribs and hits the reverse Sling Blade for two but it’s off to Colten for a quick dropkick.

We take a break and come back with Gravity still in trouble as Robinson yells at the referee. The Gunns take turns beating on Gravity until he grabs a small package for two. The diving tag brings in Angelico to clean house, including tying up Austin’s legs and Colten’s arm. Since that leaves him defenseless though, Robinson breaks it up with the left hand. Everything breaks down and Metalik hits a springboard double crossbody. Robinson breaks it up though and hits the forward DDT for the pin at 9:33.

Result: Bullet Club Gold b. Angelic/Gravity/Metalik – Forward DDT to Metalik (9:33)

Post match Jay White gets in the ring and, after being joined by Card Blade, holds up the AEW World Title. White says he told us we needed an elite World Champion and here he is. Where is MJF for that matter? White brings up Hangman Page wanting a shot at him on Dynamite, but since Page hasn’t done anything, it’s going to be non-title. Guns up.

Nick Wayne talks about how he saw Darby Allin when he was growing up and then Allin left. He waited for Allin to come back but he never did, so now Wayne knew how to get back at him.

We look at the Adam Copeland/Christian Cage issue from Dynamite.

Trios Titles: Iron Savages/Jacked Jameson vs. Billy Gunn/Acclaimed

Gunn and the Acclaimed are defending. Jameson and Billy have a pose off until Jameson cheap shots him to take over in the corner. Bronson comes in to drop down onto Gunn’s back but a right hand gets him out of trouble. It’s off to Bowens for the scissoring double elbow but Bowens gets taken down. A backsplash connects for Bronson and we take a break.

Back with Bowens getting cut off before the tag, allowing Boulder to plant him down. Boulder mocks Gunn’s pose for some reason, only to miss the Vader Bomb. Caster gets the tag and cleans house, including an AA to Boulder. A high crossbody gives Caster two on Jameson but a double spinebuster cuts Caster off just as fast. Gunn makes the save and it’s Scissor Me Timbers to Bronson. The Arrival into the Mic Drop finishes Jameson at 9:33.

Result: Billy Gunn/Acclaimed b. Iron Savages/Jacked Jameson – Mic Drop to Jameson (9:33)

Toni Storm is still timeless.

Video on Shane Taylor vs. Keith Lee, with the latter saying Taylor is trying to make a name off of him.

Toni Storm vs. Kiera Hogan

Hold on though as Storm gives her a script, which Hogan rips up. Storm: “HOW DARE!” And a clothesline drops Hogan so the beating can be on fast. Hogan is back with a running hip attack and a kick to the head for two. Storm manages to send her into the corner but misses a hip attack, allowing Hogan to get in a double spank. Back in and the second hip attack works for Storm, allowing her to send us to a break.

We come back with Hogan kicking Storm into the corner but walking into a Sky High for two. Hogan comes back with a step up Fameasser for two but Storm…..bites the back of Hogan’s trunks. Storm is ready for her closeup, meaning another hip attack. Storm Zero finishes Hogan at 8:32.

Result: Toni Storm b. Kiera Hogan – Storm Zero (8:32)

Ruby Soho is mad about losing her #1 contenders match and she has been banned from ringside for the Women’s Title match on Dynamite. It’s cool though because Saraya doesn’t need her.

Ring Of Honor World Title: Komander vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston is defending. Feeling out process to start with Komander snapping off an armdrag. Back up and we get a standoff before Kingston gets taken down again. This time Kingston bails out to the floor, only to get caught in something like an Octopus hold back inside. Back up and Kingston snaps off an exploder suplex as we take a break.

We come back with Kingston chopping the heck out of him but Komander tells him to bring it. Komander knocks him outside and hits the big flip dive off the apron to drop him again. A 450 gives Komander two but Kingston catches him on top with a heck of a chop. Komander reverses a superplex into a crossbody for two, followed by a tornado DDT for the same. That’s enough for Kingston, who snaps off a spinning backfist for the pin at 10:01.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Komander – Spinning backfist (10:01)

Here’s what’s coming on Dynamite.

Here is Adam Copeland for a chat. First of all, he thanks JR for giving him his first contract in wrestling, which allowed him to pay off his college debts. As for Copeland himself, things didn’t go as planned with Christian Cage. We need to back up a bit though, as there was a time when he was told that if he got dropped on his head again, he could die.

Cage wasn’t allowed to wrestle for six years either, but then Copeland doesn’t know what happened. Over time, Cage changed a bit as he stopped answering so many calls, which isn’t surprising as Cage is kind of a d***. Cage is going through his Bond villain with the turtleneck and the monster, so he guesses Nick Wayne is the little Persian cat that Cage rubs. Copeland would like Cage to be out here for some answers but cue Cage on the video screen.

Cage says Copeland doesn’t call the shots, so the answers will come on Dynamite. If Copeland makes it that is, because here are Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne to interrupt. Copeland takes Wayne down without much trouble but walks into a chokeslam from Luchasaurus. The Conchairto is loaded up but Darby Allin makes the save with a chair. Wayne begs off but Luchasaurus comes back up, allowing Wayne to drop Allin. The villains Conchairto Allin’s arm to end the show.

Ricky Starks/Big Bill b. FTR – Spear to Harwood
Bryan Danielson b. Kyle Fletcher – European Clutch
Bullet Club Gold b. Angelico/Gravity/Metalik – Forward DDT to Metalik,
Toni Storm b. Kiera Hogan – Storm Zero
Eddie Kingston b. Komander – Spinning backfist

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