205 Live
Date: October 25, 2019
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Aiden English

It’s really kind of amazing that this show has gone from what used to be an entertaining show that I wanted to see to a show that I was forgetting about entirely. NXT and everything else has completely destroyed anything this show had and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Maybe the Cruiserweight Champion being back can help things a bit. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week’s triple threat main event with Tony Nese beating Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari.

Opening sequence.

Oney Lorcan vs. Lio Rush

Non-title and after a quick look at Rush staring down Angel Garza on last week’s NXT, we’re ready to go. For some reason Rush agrees to a test of strength and gets leg tripped down for two. Rush is fast enough to fireman’s carry him into a quickly broken armbar and a jumping enziguri gets two. Lorcan knees him in the ribs and grabs a bodyscissors for a good while.

That’s rolled over into a cover for two each before Lorcan goes outside. Rush’s suicide dive sends him into the announcers’ table but Lorcan is right back with the running Blockbuster for two back inside. Rush elbows his way out of a belly to back superplex and grabs a DDT for the double knockdown. The clothesline comeback is on and a handspring elbow sets up the bottom rope springboard Stunner. The Final Hour gives Rush the pin at 7:49.

Result: Lio Rush b. Oney Lorcan – Final Hour (7:49)

The champ is here:

Post match here’s Nese to stare Rush down. Nese brags about his win last week and tells Rush to sit and watch a real athlete at work.

Raul Mendoza vs. Tony Nese

This is your NXT guest star and Rush is on commentary. Nese says hang on though because he has to pose, which doesn’t impress Rush. Feeling out process to start with Nese shouldering him down so Mendoza nips right back up. A springboard armdrag puts Nese down and there’s a springboard hurricanrana to send him outside.

Back in and Nese scores with a running elbow into some left hands as the fans are just gone for this one. The chinlock goes on as we look at a tweet from Angel Garza with the Cruiserweight Title Photoshopped around his waist. Nese stomps away and puts on the neck crank but misses a splash to give us a double knockdown. With Rush accusing Nese of spray painting his abs on, Mendoza gets some boots up in the corner and hits a springboard missile dropkick for his own two.

A bottom rope Lionsault gets the same but Nese flips out of a German suplex attempt. That means a double stomp for two on Mendoza and they’re both down. Nese sweeps the leg to put Mendoza on the floor for the Fosbury Flop, which makes Rush laugh for some reason. Rush holds up the title and since Nese can’t handle shiny things, Mendoza grabs a rollup for the pin at 11:11.

Result: Raul Mendoza b. Tony Nese – Rollup (11:11)

Ooh Shiny:

Nese is ticked.

The Singh Brothers talk about what a big week it has been as they hide in an undisclosed location for the sake of keeping the title safe. Dancing ensues.

Brian Kendrick comes up to commentary and stands on the table with a mic. He talks about how back in the day, you had to earn the right to call yourself a professional wrestler. Someone had to bestow the title on you and you couldn’t just throw your bags into a locker room. There was a protocol to it all, starting with shaking hands with everyone and introduce yourself to them. You would ask the veterans to critique your work and help them teach you to become a wrestler.

Fans are consumers and not wrestlers and now there is no one left in the locker room. See, all you have to do is look yourself up on social media and you’re a star. The fans tell Kendrick to shut up so he talks about how the fans aren’t wrestlers. Drake Maverick is the one chasing around the Bollywood Boyz because he thinks he’s a wrestler but he’s just an embarrassment. Kendrick wants an answer from Maverick next week.

Ariya Daivari says he’s ready to fight anyone. Isaiah Scott has taken him up on that offer.

We look at Scott being a star on NXT.

Isaiah Scott vs. Ariya Daivari

Daivari kicks him in the ribs to start so Scott strikes away to put Daivari on the floor. That means a kick to the head back inside and they head right back out with Daivari whipping him into the barricade. Back in and a superplex gives Daivari two but Scott starts striking away again. A release German suplex sends Daivari flying but he’s right back with a Rock Bottom for two. Scott runs into a superkick but the hammerlock lariat misses. The Swerve Kick finishes Daivari at 6:25.

Result: Isaiah Scott b. Ariya Daivari – Swerve Kick (6:25)

That’s some star power:

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