205 Live
Date: December 3, 2021
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

The show’s future might be in jeopardy as the Cruiserweight Title is doing wacky things like getting rid of the weight limit. That makes me wonder if the Cruiserweight Title has much of a future and it is certainly nice to have that as a possible development. The title hasn’t needed to be around for a long time, but nowhere near as long as this show. Let’s get to it.

Ivy Nile vs. Erica Yan

Diamond Mine is here with Nile, who cranks on a headlock to start. A sliding knee to the ribs has Yan in more trouble and there’s a suplex to put her down again. The double arm crank goes on but Yan fights up and spins her into a sunset flip for two. Nile kicks her into the corner though and an enziguri sets up the choke to finish Yan at 4:19.

Result: Ivy Nile b. Erica Yan – Choke (4:19)

Draco Anthony is still in that coffee shop, where his actions will speak louder than his words.

We look at Boa attacking Solo Sikoa and Malik Blade on NXT.

Boa vs. Draco Anthony

Anthony grabs a headlock to start and drop toeholds him down for a bonus. Boa fights up and kicks Anthony down to take over as commentary talks about NXT UK. Some knees to the ribs set up a butterfly suplex and the nerve hold goes on. Anthony fights up and hits a swinging neckbreaker but Boa grabs the Tongan Death Grip for the pin at 3:55.

Result: Boa b. Draco Anthony – Tongan Death Grip (3:55)

We look at Joe Gacy getting a waiver on the Cruiserweight Title weight limit for his title shot at WarGames.

JacketTime vs. Creed Brothers

Before the match, Malcolm Bivens promises to end Joe Gacy at WarGames. Julius takes Jiro down to start and drags him into the corner to start the beating. Brutus comes in to roll Jiro around, only to have him get up and make the tag to Kushida. That actually doesn’t work either at first, as Julius sends him flying. Kushida is back up to knock Julius into the corner but Jiro gets knocked off the apron hard.

Back in and Brutus grabs a bearhug as we hear about his crimes against microwaves. The brothers alternate knees to the ribs until Julius sends him flying with a gutwrench suplex. An inverted bearhug sets up another planting for two on Jiro, who manages to roll over for the tag to Kushida again. A moonsault/slingshot Swanton combination hits Julius but Kushida is sent outside. That leaves Julius to belly to back suplex Brutus into a moonsault on Jiro, setting up a standing moonsault for the pin at 8:57.

Result: Creed Brothers b. JacketTime – Standing moonsault to Jiro (8:57)

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