• BREAKING: WWE Plans to Start Touring Again in June, SmackDown Event Confirmed

    WWE is planning on touring again starting in June. The SmackDown originally scheduled for Columbus, Ohio on Friday, April 10, has been moved to June 12. I contacted a local ticket rep,...

    NewsApril 22, 2020
  • EXCLUSIVE: WWE Status of Jinder Mahal

    NewsApril 17, 2020
  • Donald Trump Gives Major Update on When Sporting Events Will Be Open for the Public

    A return to normalcy is slowly but steadily occurring. After a national steady decrease in new cases, White House executive and other COVID-19 commitee members have now presented a phasal...

    NewsApril 16, 2020
  • Former WWE Champion Pulled from WrestleMania Due to Being Quarantined

    The Coronavirus pandemic continues to effect to professional wrestling business. In addition to the matches now being taped in an empty arena and aired on both April 4 and 5....

    NewsMarch 24, 2020
  • EXCLUSIVE: Madison Square Garden Rep Responds to WrestleMania 36 Rumor

    There have been plenty of rumors swirling regarding WrestleMania. As of now, the event will be a two-day show, scheduled for April 4 and 5. It also is now reported...

    NewsMarch 20, 2020
  • Here is How Much Money WWE Lost for Canceling WrestleMania 36 in Tampa Bay

    Since WWE is forced to remove WrestleMania 36 from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the event will now be held in an...

    NewsMarch 19, 2020
  • EXCLUSIVE: WrestleMania 36 Could Be Having Some Major Format Changes

    NewsMarch 16, 2020
  • BREAKING: WrestleMania 36 WILL NOT Take Place in Tampa Bay

    WWE has released a statement that WrestleMania 36 will not be taking place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida. According to the Tampa Bay commissioner, Les Miller, the city...

    NewsMarch 16, 2020
  • UPDATE: WrestleMania 36 Likely to Still Go On, Under One Condition

    WrestleMania 36 is one of many events affected by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. NBA, NCAA, MLB, and NHL have all made precautions, by either postponing, having empty arena events, or...

    NewsMarch 16, 2020
  • Will WrestleMania 36 Be Cancelled? According to Jim Ross, No

    There have been much rumors spreading abroad concerning the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic that has affected the entire globe over the past several months. Last Thursday, a decision was expected to...

    NewsMarch 15, 2020