Ted Dibiase

  • Generation Gap: Ted DiBiase On Why It’s Hard For Him To Watch Modern Wrestling

    It’s a lost art. Wrestlers do not have the easiest job in the world, as they are asked to go to the ring, have a competitive match, keep everything safe,...

    NewsAugust 30, 2023
  • WATCH: Ted DiBiase Responds To Criminal Allegations Against His Family, Calls Them “Garbage”

    NewsJune 16, 2023
  • Never Good: Wrestling Legend Reveals Memory Issues Brought On By Severe Brain Trauma

    That’s scary. Wrestling is a physical sport and there is always the chance of someone getting injured. This can be something either short term or long term, as there is...

    NewsJune 2, 2023
  • DiBiase Family Facing Civil Lawsuit Over Huge Embezzlement Scheme

    I guess that’s the price. Wrestlers are larger than life characters who get to appear on television and try to convince fans that everything they are seeing is real. That...

    NewsMay 11, 2022
  • Interesting Details On Ted DiBiase’s Return To WWE Earlier This Year

    DiBiase can still do it. Legends are often in a weird place in wrestling, as they can still be major contributors but have certain limitations on them. They are still...

    NewsDecember 18, 2021
  • Ted DiBiase And Family Ordered To Repay Millions In Embezzled Funds

    That could cost them. Wrestlers are larger than life characters who try their best to make you believe that everything they are doing is real. That can make for some...

    NewsOctober 14, 2021
  • NXT Likely Dropping Title And Legend Going Forward

    NewsAugust 25, 2021
  • Another New Title Grudge Match Added To NXT Takeover 36

    That’s where they’re going next. We are less than two weeks away from NXT Takeover 36 and this could be the last time you see the show in this format....

    NewsAugust 10, 2021
  • KB’s Review: It’s All About The Presentation

    I think I have officially covered every bad story going in wrestling at the moment, plus the few good ones. I’ve complained about Charlotte being Charlotte, I’ve praised Roman Reigns,...

    BlogsAugust 4, 2021
  • VIDEO: WWE Legend Attacked In Stunning Betrayal

    So much for loyalty. Legends are a tricky concept in wrestling and there are several ways to use them in the wrestling world. One of the most common is to...

    NewsJune 16, 2021