• Special Occasion: WWE Bringing In These Legends For This Week’s Draft

    They’re big. Over the next few days, the WWE will hold its annual Draft, where wrestlers are selected to go to one of the three television shows. This can make...

    NewsApril 25, 2024
  • Comeback? Former WWE Tag Team Champions Talk Possible Return After 7 Year Absence

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  • John Cena Talks Being Worried About WWE’s Future

    Can you blame him? The wrestling world is changing in a huge way as of late and that has made for some very interesting new realities. While WWE is still...

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  • WWE RUMOR: Several Legends Possible For WrestleMania 37

    In with the old? We are on the Road To WrestleMania and that means things are going to be getting a lot more interesting in a hurry. This is the...

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  • Several Advertised Names Do Not Appear On Raw Legends

    I hope they signed the guest book. If there is one thing that WWE enjoys doing, it is presenting its legends for a reunion. The company has such a deep...

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  • WWE Hoping To Get Three More Names For Legends Raw

    There is always room for more. WWE has been around for a very long time now and there are several memorable names throughout its history. With so many people having...

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  • Elias Was “Offended” By Legends Taking Spots On Main Shows

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  • The Cliffnotes Version. Full List Of Legends Appearing On Raw Reunion.

    That’s a lot of people. This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured the company’s latest homecoming style special, Raw Reunion. The show was hyped up for as long as...

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  • Legends Segment Planned for “Money in the Bank 2017”

    Maybe we can put them all in a house. Tradition and history are major parts of wrestling as fans always compare one generation to another. This makes for some interesting...

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  • More Signs Pointing to the Undertaker Missing ‘Mania?

    The world of Sports Entertainment has been buzzing lately about the Undertaker’s “will he or will he not compete” status for WrestleMania 29. No one seems to have a definitive...

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