Donald Trump

  • It Adds Up: New Report Confirms Theory About Vince McMahon Payments

    That seals it. WWE has been shaken up in a huge way with the retirement of Vince McMahon, who had led the company for the better part of forty years....

    NewsAugust 18, 2022
  • Vince McMahon’s Latest Uncovered Payments May Have Been To Donald Trump

    NewsAugust 11, 2022
  • Mick Foley Requests Donald Trump Be Taken Out Of WWE HOF

    It would be a big move for Trump. Wrestlers are a unique breed in that they are supposed to be portraying a character full time. That is not exactly how...

    NewsJanuary 8, 2021
  • Donald Trump Gives Major Update on When Sporting Events Will Be Open for the Public

    A return to normalcy is slowly but steadily occurring. After a national steady decrease in new cases, White House executive and other COVID-19 commitee members have now presented a phasal...

    NewsApril 16, 2020
  • VIDEO: Vince McMahon To Help Reopen America From Coronavirus

    I’m sure nothing could go wrong with this plan. The world is in a very unique situation at this point and the United States is right in the middle of...

    NewsApril 14, 2020
  • That Doesn’t Sound Good: Former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres Says Donald Trump Forcibly Grabbed Her

    There isn’t much good to this one. Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump has a connection with wrestling. He has hosted two WrestleManias and appeared at several more,...

    NewsFebruary 18, 2020
  • RUMOR: Oh Dear. Donald Trump In Talks To Appear On SmackDown Live.

    NewsJuly 27, 2019
  • WWE Fans Planning a Protest Against Donald Trump In New York

    According to a new report from Gothamist, a group of WWE fans is planning to hold a protest outside of the Barclays Center this evening, calling for President Donald Trump to be...

    NewsAugust 19, 2017
  • Bobby Lashley on His Career in GFW, WWE and MMA, Working With Trump

    Bobby Lashley spoke to RealSport101 about a number of topics related to his professional wrestling and MMA career. He also speaks about working with current President of the United States...

    NewsAugust 16, 2017
  • Donald Trump Tweets About ‘Fake News’ Using Footage From ‘WrestleMania 23’

    Since becoming President of the United States and even in the time before doing so, Donald Trump has been calling out news organisations all over America for being what he...

    NewsJuly 2, 2017