Big E. Langston

  • KB’s Review: That NXT Moment

    Things have been changing a lot in wrestling over the last few months and that is likely to be the case for the next few weeks and months. Whether it’s...

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  • Raw’s Santa vs. Santa Match: A Frosty Battle for Yuletide Supremacy

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  • Mark Henry Comments on WWE Fans and Roman Reigns

    Monday Night Raw – December 23, 2013: The Intellectual Savior vs. The Wig Splitter

    And it’s all to save Christmas.

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  • Smackdown – June 14, 2013: Another Bad Night For Shield

    And another step in the rise of Daniel Bryan.

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  • Big E Langston Undergoes Minor Ring Name Change

    As we previously reported yesterday, Feb. 11, Antonio Cesaro had his ring name changed to simply “Cesaro,” dropping the Antonio. It appears that Cesaro is not the only WWE Superstar to...

    NewsFebruary 12, 2014
  • SPOILER: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match Likely to be Added to Elimination Chamber PPV

    We here at recently reported spoilers for the upcoming episode of Friday Night SmackDown which is set to air on Feb. 14. During the taping, Jack Swagger defeated Rey Mysterio,...

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  • *Spoilers* Feb. 5 “WWE Main Event”

    NewsFebruary 4, 2014
  • Roman Reigns May Have Suffered a Concussion on Raw

    Despite showing dominance in his match on Monday Night Raw, there is said to be some backstage concern over the health of Roman Reigns. reports that there is worry he may...

    NewsFebruary 4, 2014
  • *Spoilers* Jan. 29 “WWE Main Event”

    On Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, WWE taped the Jan. 29 edition of “WWE Main Event” in addition to the Jan. 31 edition of “WWE Smackdown” in Toledo, Ohio. Below are...

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  • Join us for live coverage!!

    Smackdown Live Coverage – January 24, 2014

    Join the live coverage!

    ResultsJanuary 24, 2014