Over the past few months, there have been numerous headlines detailing the departures of Superstars like Dean Ambrose and, most recently, SmackDown Live Superstar Tye Dillinger.

The latest Superstar to tease their departure from the behemoth that is WWE is former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy. Hardy has been out on injury for a number of months but has noted on his social media that he is ready to return to in-ring competition.

Despite being seemingly ready to get back on TV programming, Hardy has not been used. His brother Jeff, meanwhile, is featured as a prominent star on SmackDown Live. He just competed as one of six participants in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship.

Taking to Twitter, Hardy tweeted a flashback photo to his days as a double-Champion while working the independent scene in 2014. He noted in the tweet that he has always felt comfortable outside WWE.

A fan would take notice of this and joke that this tweet would likely cause heat for Hardy. The fan, @jeremy_vaeni, noted that WWE will probably tell Hardy to delete the tweet.

As you may expect, Hardy responded to the fan. He claimed that the tweet was not a threat and he has love for WWE but is comfortable in either capacity. Furthermore, he notes that he has just eleven days left on his WWE contract- likely the same as his brother.

While Hardy’s brother appears to be a mainstay of programming for the foreseeable future, it is unknown what the future holds for the Matt Hardy brand.

His tweets could appear to be a tease at his exit from the company, given that he and WWE appear to have different ideas on what they want for the star.

Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for further updates on Hardy and his status with WWE.

Editor’s Note:

I hope that he stays in WWE. Before he came back, and even after he had, he said he and Jeff wanted to end their careers in WWE. They wanted to go into the WWE Hall of Fame together. I would hope he can find a new role that he is happy with.

Do you think he will leave? What do you want to see from him?

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