Jonathan Good, better known to WWE fans as Dean Ambrose is reportedly leaving WWE when his contract expires at the end of April.

Ambrose was officially confirmed to have signed his initial WWE deal way back on April 4, 2011. He would go on to debut in WWE’s developmental territory of FCW under the Ambrose name on May 27.

When he came to the main roster, he was an immediate attraction to fans alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The group, known as The Shield, would become one of WWE’s most popular factions of all time.

Despite being a notable name in the company, Ambrose has always seemingly been the victim of lackluster feuds and creative direction. As Wade Keller of PWTorch has now confirmed with multiple sources, it is for this reason that Ambrose is now ready to walk away from WWE.

What went down?

Ambrose has been frustrated with the creative direction of his character and it seems he has reached a breaking point. He has now indicated to WWE that he isn’t interested in negotiating any new contracts.

Ambrose reportedly broke the news to management this weekend that he is not interested in working for WWE any longer. This included, as Keller explains, a direct meeting with Vince McMahon.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was offered a new contract and a raise a few weeks back but refused this offer. The former Shield member has made it clear that money isn’t his incentive, so a raise did little to give him a reason to stay.

Given all of this information, it seems likely that this was potentially the reason Ambrose dropped the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Bobby Lashley and why he was easily eliminated from the Royal Rumble and lost clean to rival Seth Rollins during Raw last night.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

In fact, Ambrose teased speaking to the crowd before Nia Jax made her way out to the ring. We aren’t sure as to why he did this, but given the situation at hand, it is certainly interesting.

Check out what he had to say before Jax interrupted:

Nia Jax attacks Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

Nia Jax attacks Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

So what happens now?

Ambrose is under contract until after WrestleMania 35. Given the situation he had with Triple H on Raw last night, as shown below, there is a possibility the two could work a program heading into the 35th anniversary of WWE’s biggest show.

Dean Ambrose tries to steal Seth Rollins' spotlight: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

Dean Ambrose tries to steal Seth Rollins' spotlight: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

As we are still in January, there is still time for WWE and Ambrose to reach a decision that would keep the former Champion around. Ambrose has noted that he isn’t interested in negotiating, but with his wife Renee Young serving as a commentator on the Raw brand, it can open pathways to further communication.

A new agreement for Ambrose would likely result in more creative freedom over his character and direction, as that is seemingly what Good, the man behind the character, wants.

Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for further information on this developing story.

Editor’s Note:

Ambrose is one of my favorite competitors in WWE right now. The character he has displayed on television since turning heel on Rollins late last year has made him a must-watch.

Given the relationship he has with WWE and how historical his involvement in the company is, I doubt WWE will let Ambrose go easily. I feel as though they’ll work with him and perhaps even Young to re-sign the former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

What do you think Ambrose will ultimately do? Where do you believe he will go?

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