Fusion #44
Date: February 8, 2019
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Matt Striker, Rich Bocchini

We’re done with SuperFight and now we’re on the way towards Intimidation Games because MLW is actually making some steps forward around here. Tom Lawlor won the World Title in a very short match, which might have been due to time constraints. Fair enough, though you can imagine the rematch coming from here. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at SuperFight.

Opening video.

Myron Reed vs. DJZ

They fight over arm control to start with no one getting anywhere. Reed bails into the ropes, followed by a cartwheel to stay away. DJZ gets a bit more serious with a dropkick into a jawbreaker to put Reed in some early trouble. A trip to the floor lets DJZ hit a suicide dive, followed by a nice slingshot splash back inside. Reed is right back up with a dive of his own (no hands) before going with a chinlock to slow things down. Reed: “He’s going to sleep!”

The comeback doesn’t take very long as DJZ grabs a jumping neckbreaker. Reed is right back with the springboard cutter and DJZ’s tornado DDT is shoved off. An O’Connor roll is reversed into another one and Reed grabs the tights for the pin at 6:26.

Result: Myron Reed b. DJZ – O’Connor Roll with a handful of tights (6:26)

The Hart Foundation answers some questions about Valentine’s Day. Brian pleads the fifth about which girlfriend he’ll spend the holiday with, though he’s known for stacking them up like pizza. Teddy asks about his cats and uses a certain word. The solution to spicing up a twenty five year marriage: leave. Davey is indeed single and fills out his shorts. Finally: no hair, though they do like these beIN Sports sunglasses.

Gringo Loco vs. Puma King

These guys are both rather popular. They start with the flipping that doesn’t make any actual contact and covers for some far falls. Of course it’s a standoff, which certainly pleases the fans. Puma takes over in the corner but we stop to dance. Loco flips forward to get a breather and they trade hurricanranas. One of them sends Loco outside and Puma is right after him with a dive. Back in and King nails a superkick, followed by more dancing.

They run the ropes and for no logical reason, King bails outside, setting up a flip dive from Loco. Back in and a spinning Vader Bomb gets two but King is right back with a top rope Codebreaker. Gringo catches him on top though and a springboard cutter gets two. Puma’s Code Red gets the same and it’s time to fight on the corner at the same time. The required super Spanish Fly finishes King at 7:38.

Result: Gringo Loco b. Puma King – Super Spanish Fly (7:38)

Tonight: the future of the Lucha Bros is revealed.

MJF doesn’t want to hear about Teddy Hart’s redemption because he doesn’t get it. Why are we praising someone who messed up in the first place? Where is the praise for MJF, who never did anything wrong? He’s never been to jail or done drugs, so now it’s time for him to get back the title he never lost.

Tommy Dreamer says Brian Pillman Jr. is coming into his house tonight. He has a mystery partner and because he’s been around for so long, he had about 2000 people to pick from.

Jimmy Havoc is coming back.

Brian Pillman Jr./??? vs. Tommy Dreamer/???

Street fight. Before the partners are revealed, Pillman grabs a mic and says the smart marks have been waiting for him to have a microphone in this arena. Without saying much, he announces Davey Boy Smith Jr. as his partner. Dreamer’s partner is of course Sandman, who comes through the entrance.

The first spit of a beer lets us start things off in a brawl. They actually get inside with Sandman falling down off an elbow drop attempt. We settle down to Dreamer getting kicked in the back to put the Harts in control, allowing Pillman to hit a good looking dropkick. The delayed suplex gets the fans to cheer against the ECW guys for a change, though Sandman’s swearing brings them back.

Smith hurts his head off a headbutt attempt and walks into a DDT, allowing the hot tag to Sandman. Everything breaks down and Dreamer hits his cutter on Smith as Sandman has found a cane. The slow chase is on and Dreamer finds some chairs. Pillman goes underneath the ring and finds….the Blue Meanie. The distraction lets Sandman get in the first cane shots to Pillman but Sandman gets dropped. Back in and Dreamer gets powerbombed through the chairs for a pin at 8:08.

Result: Davey Boy Smith Jr./Brian Pillman Jr. b. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman – Powerbomb to Dreamer (8:08)

Dreamer and Sandman get the heroes’ farewell.

Next week: MJF vs. Hart for the Middleweight Title.

The Lucha Bros say they’ll be around MLW. They’ll fight anyone anywhere anytime because they’re the best tag team in the world.

Tom Lawlor staggers out of a strip club, seemingly still drunk from last night with the title.

If you like the sound of this, you can see the full show for free right here:

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