Following an interview with Triple H’s nutritionist Dave Palumbo, WWE has clarified their policy on talent taking forms of testosterone, to which Dave Meltzer would respond with numbers.

On The Matt Riviera Show, Palumbo was asked what supplements Triple H takes to achieve his physique:

“The good thing about wrestling is that because it’s not a professional sport per se, more entertainment, they are allowed to take hormone replacement. So they can go to HRT places, they can get testosterone – 100 mg a week, whatever they prescribe nowadays – they can get hCG, they can do hGH if they want. Those are acceptable, and a lot of the wrestlers do do it. It’s not for me to say who’s using what, but they’re very minimal doses.”

It should be noted that Palumbo didn’t specifically say Triple H is on supplements of any kind. When pressed about this, Palumbo continued:

“No. They can’t do it, believe me. I’m sure he would love to do it.”

WWE would than issue a statement to media outlets stating that both hGH and hCG are on the list of banned substances, although they allow 7% of talent to have exemptions due to “certain medical conditions.”

Melzter would state on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio that roughly “14 or 15 people” in total have the Therapeutic Use Exemption, although they are not necessarily for testosterone.

If you would like to hear more from Palumbo, we have linked the impressive discussion video down below for you to listen to.

Matt Riviera GRILLS Dave Palumbo on Triple H & Steroid Use- The Matt Riviera Show

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