We recently reported that Arn Anderson had been released from WWE. Anderson had worked for the company for many years and was considered high-up in management.

While the initial reason for his release was unknown, we may now understand why this happened. It seems a loud argument broke out at a house show between McMahon and Anderson.

Anderson is considered to be a straight shooter and questions a lot of what happens creatively within the company. It is possible that he and McMahon butted heads over a specific decision at the house show.

According to Wrestling News, a WWE source noted that Anderson would rub management the wrong way as he would defend the Superstars when they had problems in the company.

“The boys looked up to Arn because he would go to bat for us. Double-A would always speak his mind and sometimes that would rub people in management the wrong way so I’m always grateful because there aren’t many people like him willing to put their neck out.”

Additionally, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that there was a multitude of people taking sides in the incident between McMahon and Anderson, with Anderson taking the brunt of the blame for the incident.

“Everyone is pretty much keeping quiet on what it was but it was an incident with Vince. I know people who were siding with Arn, I know people siding with Vince. I don’t know the whole details of the incident other than it was something at a house show that evidently wasn’t handled well and Arn took the blame for that.”

“Arn and Vince were not really on the best of terms. There had been a lot of situations over the years and one particular one, not too long ago.”

Meltzer also reported that Anderson wasn’t too worried about being fired from his position in WWE.

“I heard Arn was not broken up about it.”

It is important to note that Anderson is still in the WWE Hall of Fame. You can see the video of him entering the WWE Hall of Fame on April 2, 2012 in the video below.

The Four Horsemen enter WWE's Hall of Fame - April 2, 2012

Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for further updates on this story, if there are any developments.

With H/T to Wrestling News for the transcription.

Editor’s Note:

I hate that this reportedly happened in any capacity. Regardless, I hope Anderson is able to find a home elsewhere if he is no longer with the company.

What was your reaction to Anderson’s firing? Do you think he’ll come back again?

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