It isn’t often that superstars get a chance to prove themselves on a large platform without physically being a part of it and make an impact. Can these women make that impact?

Squared Circle Sirens is reporting that Ohio Valley Wrestling Women’s champion Cali Young and fellow superstar Madi Maxx will be working with WWE this week for ‘Raw’ and ‘Smackdown Live,’ to be used as extras during the shows.

‘Raw’ is scheduled to air from Greenville, South Carolina and ‘Smackdown Live’ from Atlanta, Georgia. These will both air on the USA Network as per usual.

It should be noted, Squared Circle Sirens explains, that 22 year old Young has toured with WWE before, back in April. She captured the OVW Women’s Championship not long after, defeating Maxx earlier this month.

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Editor’s Note:

I’m happy for both girls, glad they have a chance to showcase their skills and potentially get noticed by a company like the WWE. Could they be subtly trying out for the ‘Mae Young Classic?’ I’m not even sure, but that honestly would be a good idea.

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