Former Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert was on Edge & Christian’s Podcast of Awesomeness where she explained why WWE hasn’t signed her following the event.

Gabert explained to the hosts that she was actually sent a contract in the mail after being asked by a WWE employee to be patient after the tournament.

She made her way to Orlando, Florida to compete for NXT in a dark match where she also had medicals done. She would move on to visit Dr. Joseph Maroon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

There, Maroon found that Gabert had three herniated discs in her neck after Gabert had an MRI. The doctor reportedly told her that her bones were “all over the place.”

Gabert had the following to say on how WWE responded to this development:

“Of course they sent the results to the WWE doctor. And then the WWE doctor contacted me and they said to me, ‘We’re really sorry Jazz, but we cannot give you our clearance and you are disqualified and you cannot work for WWE.'”

Moving forward, her next step appears to be undergoing surgery to have the problem fixed. With that said, Gabert believes there is a good chance she won’t be able to wrestle after the surgery.

Gabert said she is appreciative of her fans, all the opportunities she has gotten and all the places she has been able to go because of her career in professional wrestling.

Gabert was eliminated in the first round of the tournament by Abbey Laith and had one of the largest reactions of the tournament, with many fans chanting “Please sign Jazzy.” You can find a video of their match below.

Abbey Laith vs. Jazzy Gabert - First Round Match: Mae Young Classic, Aug. 28, 2017

If you would like to listen to the entire interview between Gabert and Edge & Christian we have featured it below for you to listen to.

E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness | The Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert,Talks About Her Current Status with WWE

Did you like Gabert in the Mae Young Classic? If she could have one more match for certain, who should it be against?

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