Who wants to walk with Elias?!? Well if the most recent ‘Raw’ live event is any indication, a certain ‘Big Red Machine’ does, performing a duet with Elias.

Kane was involved in a segment involving Elias and The Club at the ‘Raw’ live event in Albany, New York last night where he took it upon himself to join Elias in serenading the crowd.

The two sung the popular “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” as the crowd laughed on in enjoyment.

After the completion of the song, Kane attacked Elias, Gallows & Anderson before hitting them each with a Chokeslam and leaving.

Multiple versions of the video now exist online from several perspectives. One of the original tweets of the event came from Mike Tiscione on Twitter.

Below we have featured another full video of the incident that includes more of what happens from the segment. Credit to Iam Phenomenal on YouTube for the video.

Kane singing with Elias Samson

Who would you like to see Elias do a duet with? Do you walk with Elias?

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