Jim Ross is arguably the best commentator in the business of all time. He has called some of the most phenomenal matches and been there for some of the most incredible moments in sports entertainment and professional wrestling history.

Jim Ross released his latest blog where he discussed WWE but in particular several ‘Smackdown Live’ superstars and the women’s Money In The Bank match.

Ross first comments on the wrestling business and explains that the fans today rarely buy into disqualifications and count outs as they are often seen as being impotent. He says that times are changing and they need to acknowledge this.

On Shinsuke Nakamura, Ross feels that he is finding himself in WWE and becoming more like his NJPW self. This means a more aggresive style from Nakamura. Ross also puts over Nakamura by explaining his strikes are extraordinary due to his extensive MMA training. He also enjoyed the Owens vs. Nakamura match on ‘Smackdown Live’ this past week.

He also gives Owens credit for working through a fractured thumb when many other wrestlers in this era would use it as a way to get time off the road. Ross also says that Owens is one of his favorites in the business today.

Ross continues, noting that he believes The Usos are improving rapidly on the mic and firmly believes that their best days are to come. The Usos are the current Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions and will face The New Day at ‘Money In The Bank.’

Ross isn’t sure if the ‘Smackdown Live’ women are more hungry than the women on ‘Raw’ as fans have suggested, but believes competition between the brands is good. In a continuation of this, Ross explains that he is more excited for the women’s Money In The bank match than the men’s match. This is because it is the first of its kind for women and he wants to see what they can do. He does note, however, that they should be careful and think about their health. He says the men had better lace up their boots because the women may out-perform them.

Ross considers that Charlotte is the most athletic, naturally gifted female in the wrestling business. He credits her for what she has done so far and explains that her in-ring work continues to evolve and ‘not going to reside in anyone’s comfort zone’ while encouraging her fellow wrestlers to not be ‘left behind.’ He firmly believes Charlotte to be the biggest female star in WWE history and thinks this will remain the same if she continues to elevate the division. He says that she has a ‘chance to become the Hulk Hogan of her gender within WWE’ over time.

In relation to the women, Ross talks about Lana getting a shot at Naomi’s Smackdown Live Women’s Championship at ‘Money In The Bank’ after debuting this past week on ‘Smackdown Live.’ He says that the pressure is on for her to deliver in a ‘somewhat unforgiving and discerning fan base.’

In regards to the ‘Mae Young Classic,’ Ross explains that he has been hearing great things about the wide range of talent that will comprise the roster for the tournament. He was reportedly told the tournament kicks off in July of this year. Next month.

Ross is a fan of Jinder Mahal capturing the WWE Championship, which occured back at ‘Backlash‘ when he defeated Randy Orton. He does believe that the Singh Brothers might be overdoing it. He does credit them with being able to take a helluva ass whipping.

He says he loves seeing villains get success which adds a lot to the build of storylines within wrestling. If it were up to him, he’d air the antagonist side more and says that ‘heat’ is good.

It was recently confirmed at ‘Extreme Rules‘ that Samoa Joe would be facing Brock Lesnar at ‘Great Balls of Fire‘ for the Universal Championship. Ross explained that it will have a big fight feeling and he has made it clear he would love to help commentate the match, saying ‘but what self respecting broadcaster wouldn’t want to be part of this history making event?’

Paul Heyman reacts to Samoa Joe's Raw beatdown

Editor’s Note:

Ross still remains one of the most enjoyable, down to earth people in the wrestling industry. I love hearing his opinions and thoughts on anything related to the industry.

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