Chris Jericho recently spoke with WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet, where they listed ideas Jericho had for a feud with Roman Reigns, why the ‘Big Dog’ can’t get over and Rusev replacing him in the Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Jericho first explains in detail why Reigns hasn’t got approval from all of the WWE Universe:

“I think he’s like a modern-day John Cena. For years fans just booed Cena because they think it’s the cool thing to do. They’re not paying any attention to what he’s really doing and that’s what Roman is now. They just see Roman and they just start booing because it’s the in thing rather than just shutting up and watching this guy for what he is which is a great performer. And that’ll come. Obviously, if he turned heel he’d get over, but if he turned heel all the people that booed him would start cheering him. I think it’s just a matter of time and staying the course and he needs some good heels to work with. Heels that want to be heels.”

Jericho explains a storyline idea he had for he and Reigns:

“I had an idea that I wanted to do and I pitched it to Vince. I wanted to throw a fireball in Roman’s eyes and blind him, like an old-school Memphis idea. Vince said he’d think about it. We were going to have a program and then it changed. If we had a long program, I probably could have got it done. So there’s a secret, exclusive for you.”

Rusev and Jericho have gone back and forth as opponents for The Undertaker in the Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble:

“I was announced for the Greatest Royal Rumble and then I got a text asking if I wanted to do a Casket Match and I said sure. Then I got a text a couple of days later saying you’re not in the casket match anymore and I said yeah, sure, no problem. That’s the thing with WWE, it changes constantly and you have to go with the flow. It’d be great to do a Casket Match, it’d be great not to do one. So who knows? I might get added back in 5 minutes before. That’s how it works.”

Jericho confirms whether he is under contract:

“No, I’m not. Up until May of last year, I was under contract and then the Fozzy tour cycle started. They call me from time to time but it’s just a one and done kind of thing.”

Finally, Jericho comments on what his status is with New Japan Pro Wrestling:

“Nothing planned. It’s a little bit old school. Leave with some heat brother. I lose to Kenny on a Sunday, beat up Naito on a Monday and if I never go back, I left with some heat. The thought process was to go back and we tried and it just didn’t work out. There’s a certain amount of finance and that kind of thing because that match made New Japan a lot of money. Like millions. So when you get that feather in your cap now they’re not taking a chance by using Chris Jericho, they know exactly what they’re going to get. And for me not to be in WWE, I have to be compensated at a high level or else it’s not worth it because WWE could just wake up one day and go ‘You’re with New Japan? We never want to use you again. See you later buddy.’ So that’s the risk I take.”

Check out the audio version below:

Chris Jericho: Why Roman Reigns can't get over, Kenny Omega in WWE, Rusev & Greatest Royal Rumble

Would you like to see Jericho wrestle for NJPW again? Are you excited for the Greatest Royal Rumble?

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