We have the latest set of spoilers for Impact Wrestling, which features multiple title changes, a title vs. title match and a special Impact episode titled ‘Crossroads.’

Our information was collected through The Rogue Fan on Twitter, who was in attendance at the tapings. You can follow him here.

As a pre-cursor, we must remind you that if you don’t want to be spoiled, you should exit the article now. If you want to see but haven’t seen the other taping results, you can find them here and here first.

Here are the results:

Rohit Raju def. unknown wrestler (Xplosion)

El Hijo del Fantasma def. Braxton Sutter

Sutter cut a heel promo after the match, explaining that Allie ruins lives so she isn’t out there with him. He claims he is the biggest star in the company. In comes Brian Cage to take out Sutter.

Rosemary def. Hania

Post-match, Rosemary says she wants the Knockouts Championship. This prompts Taya Valkyrie to come out to confront her, laying her out on the ramp.

KM is in the ring as an ordained minister. He wants to marry Laurel Van Ness and the Knockouts Championship (No, we aren’t kidding). Sutter is out to object and proposes to Van Ness. She declines, prompting Allie out to take down the Knockouts Champion.

Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs try to talk Joseph Park into having Abyss return. Insert Grandma Jenny Park to tell Jacobs to stop being rude to Joseph. Joseph says Abyss is never coming back. Kong destroyed Chandler Park and Jenny could be next. Kongo attacks Joseph to end the segment.

Taping for Crossroads’ begins.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: LAX (c) def. Cult of Lee (Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley)

Title vs. Title: Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal def. X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori

Impact Knockouts Championship: Allie def. Van Ness (c)

Allie is Tired of Laurel Van Ness and her Mind Games | #IMPACTICYMI Jan. 11th, 2018

Cage and Lashley def. oVe

Kong def. Joseph Park

Impact World Championship: Aries (c) def. Johnny Impact

Alberto El Patron stands on the ramp clapping at both competitors after the match.

KM def. Sugar Dunkerton (Xplosion)

Sienna def. Kiera Hogan (Xplosion)

Eli Drake def. Fallah Bahh

What did you think about this set of tapings? Favorite and least favorite moments?

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