Brian Cage

  • AEW Star Dealing With Knee Issue, Misses Match

    That would be a reason. There is one thing that every wrestler has in common: they can all be injured. No matter how well trained or experience they may be,...

    NewsSeptember 26, 2021
  • VIDEO: AEW Star’s Wife Unhappy With How He Is Being Used

    NewsSeptember 10, 2021
  • Title Change Takes Place During AEW Dynamite

    History has been made. There are all kinds of titles in wrestling and it makes sense to have so many. Titles are something that any fan or non-fan can understand...

    NewsJuly 14, 2021
  • Several More Matches Added To AEW Double Or Nothing Card

    The rapid fire build. A pay per view is one of the hardest things for a wrestling company to put together as it can be rather tricky to figure out...

    NewsMay 13, 2021
  • BREAKING: Sting Officially Returning To The Ring For AEW

    It’s showtime! There are legends in wrestling and sometimes you get to see them leave the ring on their own terms. That is the kind of thing you do not...

    NewsJanuary 21, 2021
  • AEW Stable Gains New Member On Dark

    By their powers combined. Stables have been making a rather strong comeback in mainstream wrestling over the last year, with more and more of the popping up both in WWE...

    NewsJuly 22, 2020
  • Popular AEW Pairing May Be Breaking Up Soon

    NewsJuly 18, 2020
  • AEW Reintroduces An ECW Championship

    From out of the mothballs. There are a lot of legendary titles in wrestling history and some of them have lives after their original runs end. The most famous is...

    NewsJuly 8, 2020
  • Brian Cage Has A Rather Intense Diet Plan

    That’s a lot. There are certain things that help wrestlers get fans’ attention with their physical look at the top of the list. It may sound like a simple concept...

    NewsJuly 4, 2020
  • AEW Postpones Fyter Fest Main Event, New Special Announced

    Sometimes you have to change things up. We are in the middle of a huge set of back to back weeks of wrestling shows with AEW running Fyter Fest and...

    NewsJuly 2, 2020