Former WCW and ECW Superstar Missy Hyatt noted on The Hannibal TV that she believes ‘Raw‘ Superstar Paige is to blame for her own troubled career.

The world and the scope of the internet are much different than it was even just a decade ago and the rise in social media has given way to a lot of concerning issues in the past.

One of these examples would be the nude photographs leaked online of past and current WWE Superstars including Charlotte Flair, Summer Rae, Maria Kanellis, Kaitlyn, JoJo Offerman, Victoria/Tara and most notably Paige herself.

During the seemingly toxic relationship she had with current Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron, she got into trouble on a frequent basis, making headlines over the world.

Upon returning to WWE as an active competitor, it wasn’t long before Paige found herself injured in what is speculated to be her final match.

On this, Hyatt had the following to say:

“Nowadays, with social media, don’t take anything that you don’t want to get out. Cuz everybody’s got cameras nowadays, so when you’re out in public, be on your best behavior. Watch your P’s and Q’s because you never know when someone has a camera and sees you either fighting with your boyfriend or doing something stupid. So, don’t do it.”

In reference to the match that seemingly caused the career-ending injury to Paige when she teamed with Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose against Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Mickie James, Hyatt gave her thoughts on what transpired.

“Overall, I think she had an opportunity to do something and to have a really, really great run, and I think she spoiled it, I think it’s sad because she could have had a really great run, and make a lot of money and probably never have to work again… I heard WWE didn’t want her to have the neck surgery, but she pressed for the neck surgery, and [they’re] like, you’re too young to have the neck surgery.”

Quotes with H/T to Chris Featherstone of WrestlingInc.

You can hear her say these comments and more in the Hannibal TV video we have included below.

Missy Hyatt on Paige from WWE

What are your thoughts on these comments? Do you blame Paige or is Hyatt in the wrong?

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