Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake who were previously best friends and tag team partners are now embroiled in a Twitter feud.

Hogan initially tweeted about shaving himself bald like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. A fan replied and said Beefcake could do the job, as he formerly had the nickname of “The Barber.” Beefcake responded to the fan criticizing Hogan and claiming he is too busy spending time with his ex-wife.

Things would pick up as Beefcake stated he is writing a tell-all book, suggesting that he has a lot to say about Hogan. This would lead Hogan into saying he will sue if necessary.

Beefcake replied to a fan joking on Twitter that his ex-wife is already threatening legal action against him, using the excuse that she is irrelevant.

He followed this up with yet another dig at Hogan, using his real name in the tweet:

Beefcake would respond to Hogan’s tweet he’d sent out a few hours prior, saying he is paranoid:

Hogan responded by saying Beefcake has always been a follower and has no idea what he is doing:

He would follow that up by saying he is done with the conversation with Beefcake:

Beefcake would respond slyly with a picture of a lawyer:

From here, Beefcake continued to set fire to the ongoing feud, showing a reported email exchange between himself and his ex-wife:

He continued the assault:

This led to Hogan breaking his silence on the matter:

Beefcake yet again responded, hounding down his points:

Beefcake posted a Twitter DM with his ex-wife, claiming Hogan wanted to end their friendship to spend time with Beefcake’s ex-wife and daughter, who he was the godfather to:

He continued by saying their friendship has been over since his ex-wife rejected Hogan:

He would send the same Twitter DM out again, now referencing how is daughter is supposedly upset over the tweet, but not that she hasn’t seen her father:

He posts another screenshot, this time showing his daughter Alana Leslie retweeting the Hogan tweets previously shown above. He says Hogan has brainwashed Leslie:

He continues by saying that if Hogan was his friend, he would’ve stayed away from Beefcake’s family, using the excuse that Hogan never had time for them before and this is solely now an excuse to hurt him:

Beefcake confirms he pays child support, but he doesn’t have the ability to see Leslie because her mother has brainwashed her:

Beefcake responds to a fan, saying that Hogan doesn’t like his current wife as she turned him down:

He tweets out a photo of Hogan and Beefcake’s ex-wifeand furthers the point he previously made that despite acting positive, he is evil:

He mentioned an account that is creating a documentary on family problems, explaining that he has been alienated from his daughter for over 5 years:

Finally, Beefcake tweeted a child abuse account continuing to explain his daughter is brainwashed:

Wrestling Rumors will keep you up to date with this story and we do hope that Beefcake and Hogan can solve their differences and get to the bottom of this problem, as there are a lot of unknowns in this whole dilemma.

If you never got the chance to witness Hogan and Beefcake as a team, the following video is commonly shared among fans of the team which shows them working together, something that doesn’t seem to be happening today.

Hulk Hogan & Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake are ready for

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