Former WWE Superstar CM Punk is said to be on poor terms with his former employer, but that hasn’t stopped him from making appearances on his own standards.

In the video below, Punk hosts a segment for Nerdist as he “helps zombies” through a simulation run based off the popular television show “The Walking Dead.” The humorous clip shows a noticeably healthy and in shape Punk showing off his personality that helped make him one of the most popular WWE Champions of all-time.

Punk has been a longtime fan of the show, having made his first public post-WWE appearance on the show’s reactionary sister program, “The Talking Dead” in March.

However, other than going to Blackhawks games, he has kept a low-profile. Friend and former champion Chris Jericho recently stated he has reached out to Punk on a personal level and has been ignored, something he hasn’t taken too kindly too.

Editor’s Note

I’m glad he’s enjoying himself in life. He’s in stellar shape, it certainly appears.


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