WWE “Hell In A Cell”
Date: October 26, 2014
Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: JBL, Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler

It’s a beautiful Autumn night in October and all HELL is about to break loose! The 2014 “Hell In A Cell” PPV is LIVE!

* A very-well produced opening video package carries us into the 2014 “Hell In A Cell” Pay-Per-View event! After some pyro and ballyhoo, we get started with the opening bout for the Intercontinental Championship: A Two-out of-Three Falls Intercontinental Championship Match between reigning champion Dolph Ziggler and challenger Cesaro.

1.) Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Cesaro

Ziggler, and and a very bald Cesaro, tie-up for the first few minutes of the match, showing their grappling talents on the mat. The King of Swing and the Show Off reverse a number of each others’ attempts at pinfalls before Cesaro snatches Ziggler up in the Big Swing. However, Ziggler then, almost immediately, grabs Cesaro with a School Boy pin and wins the first fall of the match.

1st Fall – Dolph Ziggler w/ a Roll Up

Cesaro, in a fit of rage, attacks Ziggler after the first fall and lands a nasty European Uppercut for two. After a number of near falls for Cesaro, Ziggler locks in a submission that Cesaro counters into a Superplex. Cesaro is selling an injured bicep, but still working the match with fervor. Ziggler hits a Fameasser, but it’s only good for two.

Cesaro goes to set up the Neutralizer, and Ziggler reverses the maneuver to land a ZigZag for the win.

2nd and Final Fall – Dolph Ziggler w/ the ZigZag

*Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion* Dolph Ziggler – 15:02

(Opinion of the match) Great start to the show. Surprised that Cesaro wasn’t even allowed to win A fall in a Two-out of-Three Falls Match, but still, a great match to kick off “Hell In A Cell.”

* A backstage segment shows dissension between the members of The Authority. Randy Orton’s upset that Seth Rollins attacked him on the latest edition of “Monday Night Raw.” As Triple H, Kane, and Stephanie McMahon all try to reassure Orton that Rollins was probably just getting to him before he could get to Rollins, The Viper let’s them know that if they aren’t going to take care of Mr. Money in the Bank, then he will.

2.) Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella (Loser Becomes Winner’s Personal Assistant)

A collar-elbow tie-up starts the match. Nikki soon takes control of the bout by grounding her sister with a headlock and a thrust of her knee into Brie’s face. Brie manages to get back up and hit a Facebuster for two, followed by a running knee to the face. As she went for a second knee, Nikki rolls out to the floor.

Brie then does a suicide dive through the ropes onto her sister. However, Nikki then gets a near fall after hitting her finishing move, “the Rack Attack.” Brie Bella then slaps on the Yes Lock, but Nikki got to the ropes and Brie had to break the hold. Nikki then blasts Brie with a big right cross, and hits a second Rack Attack for the win.

*Winner* Nikki Bella – 6:00. Brie Bella must now serve Nikki as her personal assistant for 30 days.

(Opinion of the match) Ugh. At least it was quick.

*Cut to Renee Young, Booker T, Paul Heyman, and Alex Riley to discuss the card. Booker T talks nonsense, before the WWE Tag Team Match begins.

3.) WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Goldust (c) & Stardust (c) vs. The Usos

The match begins with a recap of how the Dust Bros. won the Tag Team titles at “Night Of Champions.” Stardust and Jey Uso then start the match, with a lot of tags and double-team moves immediately performed by The Usos. Stardust manages to tag in Goldust, and more of the same happens to him. Uso-magic takes control of the ring, until Stardust takes Jey Uso’s leg around a ring post and wraps it around the steel (much like he did in September). The momentum swings and Goldust takes control of the match.

The Usos then take flight and control of the bout, landing several near-falls. After two massive superplexes from The Usos on both Dusts, Stardust got a cheap shot on Jimmy, giving Goldust the chance to hit the Final Cut and pick up the one, two, three.

*Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions* Goldust & Stardust – 10:31.

(Opinion of the match) Kind of a weak match between these teams, as we’ve already seen the best they have to offer on multiple occasions as of late. It was what it was, a decent tag bout.

*A breast cancer awareness promo ad airs.

4.) Hell in a Cell Main Event 1: John Cena vs. Randy Orton to Determine the No. 1 Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship 

Orton takes control early, slamming Cena’s head into the sidewall of the cell within the first two minutes. The Viper then pulls a steel chair out from under the ring. Cena drops Orton with a suplex and an attempt of usage of the chair, but it was to no avail. Orton quickly counters and hits Cena with the chair for two. He then drives Cena into the mat with a vicious DDT for a two-count. Cena then quickly rolls out to the foor.

WWE’s Apex Predator then begins his assault on Cena on the outside, slamming his face into the steel steps before grinding it into the mesh of the cell. The two men return to the ring and Orton gets yet another count of two. They trade offense and two-counts, as the crowd gets more behind Orton than the Leader of the Cenation.

Cena attempts to mount his comeback, his “Five Moves of Doom,” and Orton reverses the Five Knuckle Shuffle for a two-count. As he slings Cena to the apron in an attempt to land his VINTAGE apron DDT, Cena backdrops Orton over the ropes to the outside. He then picks up The Viper and begins ramming his back into the cell, before Orton counters, throwing Cena crotch first into the ring post, followed by a backbreaker.

Orton tosses Cena back into the ring, and what’d’ya know, he picks up a two-count. In frustration, he runs his shoulder into Cena as he stood on the apron, knocking him into the cell. A vibrant “RKO” chant then filled the arena. As Orton exited the ring in true pompous fashion, Cena grabs him and throws him with force into the cell three times, then quickly sets a table up in the ring.

…and Orton lands a succession of dropkicks and random moves to pick up his 9,000 and 9.001 count of two. Irritated, Orton begins hitting the “Garvin stomp” on multiple parts of Cena’s body. As Cena begins the motions for the Five Moves of Doom again, Orton hits an RKO “OUT OF NOWHERE!” One, two, and a kick out by Cena.

The Viper thrusts Cena into the corner, which housed a table, but even going through the wood wasn’t enough for three. Super Cena kicks out, and Cena goes to grab the steel steps and get them into the ring. However, this would backfire for Orton, as Cena is the one that used the steps as a weapon. He slams Orton onto the steel, then goes for the Attitude Adjustment. Orton managed to get off of Cena’s shoulders again though, and hits him right between the legs with a thunderous low blow.

Orson begins to mount offense yet again, only to get caught in the STFU…wait…no…just the STF…sorry. This is PG Hell in a Cell. Orton makes it to the bottom rope, but with cell rules, Cena doesn’t have to break the hold. Knowing this, Orton slides through the rope enough to choke Cena and get him to break the STF. Cena then LAUNCHES the steel steps through the ropes and almost takes Orton’s head clean off. Orton barely got out of the way from the massive projectile.

As both men get back in the ring, Cena lands an AA, but Orton pulls a Cena, kicking out at two. Cena goes for ANOTHER AA, but Orton counters out of it with an RKO. However, it only provided a count of two…again. Cena hits one more AA…but again…the ref only gets to hit two.

Orton sets up a table for an RKO from the top rope, but Cena countered, hitting a Super Attitude Adjustment off of the top onto the table. One, Two, Three! Cena becomes No. 1 Contender after a stellar 26 minute bout.

*Winner and No. 1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship* John Cena – 26:32.

(Opinion of the match) Probably the best match these two have EVER had together. This should be the LAST time they EVER face each other so that their rivalry ends with this as its exclamation point. Excellent PG-era Hell in a Cell bout.

5.) United States Championship Match: Sheamus (c) vs. The Miz (w/ Damien Mizdow)

Sheamus takes control of the match early on, landing multiple shots on the outside…all to which Mizdow sold for as well. Miz accidentally takes out Mizdow…and then takes down Sheamus on the outside. Miz then gets Sheamus inside the ring, and takes control of the bout for about a minute, before the Great White begins clubbing Miz.

Following a toss to the outside, Sheamus then hits a flying clothesline on Miz and regains control of the match. The action continues to go back and forth as both men keep trading momentum. While Miz mounts some serious offense, a massive “Mizdow’s Awesome” chant breaks out…and a Skull Crushing Finale only leads to a two-count for Miz.

Miz goes for an ariel maneuver and catches a Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the One, Two, Three. Sheamus retains his strap, and then has some fun with Miz and Mizdow…which was incredibly entertaining.

*Winner and STILL United States Champion* Sheamus – 7:16.

(Opinion of the match) The ending of this one was incredible. If you didn’t watch this, PLEASE YouTube or find it somewhere IMMEDIATELY. Sheamus toying around with Miz and Mizdow was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

6.) Rusev vs. Big Show

Big Show gets the first shots in on Rusev, but then the two begin trading offense. Russell is able to begin a leg attack, that gets the big man off his feet. The Bulgarian Brute begins single leg attacks on Big Show’s left leg, with stomps, knee wrenches, and punishing stretches. Big Show seems to be floored within the first two minutes of the bout.

However, both men make it to their feet and Rusev suplexes the big giant with ease, which was a major showing of the Russian sympathizer’s strength. After a span of heavy offense by Big Show, he calls for the chokeslam, and Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. Show lands the move, but Rusev kicks out at two.

Rusev hits three superkicks to Show, and one to Henry while on the apron, then slaps the Accolade on Big Show. This would end the match, as Rusev wins the match via submission.

*Winner* Rusev – 8:04

(Opinion of the match) So Kurt Angle is the only man that can beat Rusev, right? Right.

7.) WWE Divas Championship Match: AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige (w/ Alicia Fox) 

Paige and AJ both get some offense in early, but Paige does a Cesaro like sling of Lee into the barricade on the outside and takes control of the bout early on. AJ mounts a comeback, but it’s thwarted by Paige who picks Lee up, skips around the ring, then hits a massive Fall Away Slam.

Lee quickly rolls out to the outside, Paige chases, and slams Paige’s head into the barricade on the outside. Fox rolls Paige back into the ring, only for Lee to slap on the Black Widow for the submission victory.

*Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion* AJ Lee – 7:32

(Opinion of the match) Quick. Brutal. Good for a Divas match.

8.) Hell in a Cell Main Event #2: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring, only to toss six chairs into the ring and a table. However, he doesn’t want to start the match in the ring. Ambrose, equipped with a Kendo stick, climbs the cell and waits for Rollins to appear.

Rollins acts like he doesn’t want to go up top, but then teases his ascension. He then commands Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury, The Authority stooges, to climb the cell and bring down Ambrose. However, Ambrose attacks both Noble and Mercury with the stick, only to then get attacked from behind by Rollins. All three meant proceed to beat Ambrose down.

The Lunatic Fringe bounces back however, catches Rollins on the side of the cell, and both men knock each other off the cage and onto both announce tables at ringside.

Both men are attended to by ringside medics and loaded onto stretchers. However, Ambrose jumped off his gurney and attacked Rollins, pulling him off of his and throwing him into the cell for the match to officially begin in the ring.

Ambrose, weilding a steel chair, begins to WAIL on Rollins, viciously attacking him with multiple shots. Ambrose then attempts to use a screw driver, but gets twarted by Rollins. The Lunatic Fringe then sets up a table on the outside, but doesn’t get to throw Rollins through it, as he runs away. Rollins then manages to back suplex Ambrose onto a pile of chairs.

After a trade-off of moves, Ambrose hits an elbow drop on Rollins through a table, only to then be power bombed through another table by Rollins after Kane sprayed him in the face through the cell with a fire extinguisher. Rollins tried to end it with a Curb Stomp, but Ambrose kicked out at two.

The Money in the Briefcase comes in as a weapon, leading to Ambrose almost getting the win over Rollins with a shot to the face with it, however, Rollins kicked out at two. As Ambrose was about to Curb Stomp Rollins through two cinder blocks, the lights go out.

Eerie french begins to fill the arena, and in the dark, a lantern is seated in the middle of the ring. A hologram of Sister Abigail could be seen in smoke behind the lantern as the French continued to be heard, when Bray Wyatt appears from behind and hits Ambrose with a massive STO. Rollins then pins Ambrose and gets the win.

*Winner* Seth Rollins – 27:01

(Opinion of the match) A CLASSIC! In a PG era, this Hell in a Cell match actually could be placed up against the bloody Attitude Era matches, and be extremely well received. This match, excluding the finish, was amazing. Loved it.

* Following the match, Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Ambrose, and kneels over him to end the program.

(Opinion of the show) Awesome PPV. Again, terrible WWE TV for three weeks led to a great PPV event. No match was a complete waste of time, and the main events lived up to the hype. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins solidified themselves as major players in WWE, while John Cena and Randy Orton showed the world that they are two of the best WWE has produced over the last 12 years. Good show. I’ll give it a 7.75/10.

Match Results

1. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall/pinfall

2. Nikki Bella via pinfall

3. Goldust & Stardust via pinfall

4. John Cena via pinfall

5. Sheamus via pinfall

6. Rusev via submission

7. AJ Lee via submission

8. Seth Rollins via pinfall (After interference from Bray Wyatt)


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