It’s the final pay-per-view of 2016, and the Raw roster’s final stop before gearing up for the Royal Rumble and embarking on the road to WrestleMania. It’s been a weak build, but the card is stacked, and the winners tonight should give us a clue as to what WWE’s flagship show is going to look like in 2017.

Sami Zayn wants desperately to prove himself on Raw, and to do so he’s set himself up against the mountain of a man, Braun Strowman. For his trouble, Sami’s gotten the crap kicked out of him multiple times by the former Wyatt–but still Zayn wants more. He finally talked his way past Mick Foley into this 10 Minute Singles Match, where he attempts to go the distance with Strowman. Did he make it? Full results below.

Ten minute time limit as Raw GM Mick Foley is scared for Sami’s health. The ring announcer says Sami must last ten minutes though, which makes things a bit unclear. Sami dodges for the first thirty seconds and Braun no sells a chop. Braun gets his hands on Sami for a big toss and kicks him in the ribs for good measure.

We’re down to eight minutes as Sami knocks Braun over the top, only to have Strowman come back in and hammer away with ease. The referee starts to check on Sami with about six minutes to go but Zayn wants to keep going. Braun lets Sami stumble around as we get down to five minutes. Some very hard clotheslines take us to four minutes and here’s Foley with a white towel.

Sami is thrown down at Mick’s feet and Braun goes outside to talk trash. Zayn grabs the towel and throws it into the crowd with two minutes left. Strowman promises to finish this himself but misses a charge into the post. Another missed charge sends Braun through the barricade but Strowman beats the count with 47 seconds left. A third missed charge hits the post and Sami gets two off a high crossbody. Sami is knocked to the floor but comes back in for the Helluva Kick as time ends at 10:00 (really 10:12).

Result: Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman went to a time limit draw (10:00)

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