A recent report from PWInsider.com has provided an update on the Undertaker working with NXT talent. As previously reported, Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, is now working in a new role for the company. He is reportedly a new advisor for superstars training in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT.

In the previous report, it was noted that Calaway will be visiting the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida at various times during each month, helping talent develop their in-ring/psychology skills and improve on overall character development.

PWInsider.com reports that Undertaker will be the one setting his schedule for this new position. It will not be a “regular role,” where he has to be there at specific times during the month.

His purpose in working with NXT superstars will be to really teach them “WWE etiquette.” Calaway has been deemed the most respected man in the WWE locker room for well over 20 years, and will be teaching NXT stars what is expected of them, in front of and behind the camera, once they reach the main roster.

Editor’s Note:
If there’s ANYONE better for this job, I’d like to know who it is. Taker is the Don of the locker room. This is a perfect role for him to fill.


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