A new report from PWInsider.com claims that Kurt Angle may re-sign a part-time deal with TNA Wrestling. As previously reported, Angle may work for the company yet another year and possibly end his career there. This would mean Angle will not be returning to WWE in 2015.

The report claims the announcement that TNA President Dixie Carter has been teasing on Twitter is not about a new TV deal, but about Angle. Carter has been stating that an announcement would be coming for TNA that would be “shocking,” and this could be about the company re-signing Angle to a new part-time deal.

The reason this would be “shocking” is because Angle has been adamant about leaving TNA Wrestling once his contract expired in 2014. He also said many times over that he wanted to return to WWE and finish out his career where it started. However, PWInsider.com claims that negotiations between WWE and Angle have ceased, and a return to the company is not on the table for the former WWE champion.

Angle is currently in California discussing his options as an actor, which the new TNA deal would accommodate. The reason behind his supposedly new deal only being part-time is so that he can pursue an acting career on the side.

Editor’s Note:
Man. I still don’t know what to think about all this. WWE really didn’t want Angle back? Really? Dunno if I believe it.


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