WWE United States Champion Sheamus claims that he wants a match with Rusev. Sheamus made his statement regarding the Bulgarian Brute during an interview with the guys of “Busted Open Radio” following “Night Of Champions” on Sept. 21.

Sheamus successfully defended his United States Championship against Cesaro at the PPV, then watched Rusev topple the former Olympian and “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. When one of the hosts says he would love to see Sheamus go heads-up against Rusev, Sheamus says he would love to see it too.

The Celtic Warrior said,

“I would love to do it too. RUSEV has been on a roll as of late. [It’s] been a slow and steady build and he put away Mark Henry last night. I am proud to hold the US Title because I am proud to live in this country. Regards to RUSEV I would love to take him on. [He’s a] big, strong, physical fella. I think a brogue will go really nice on the right side of his face.”

Sheamus also discussed his plans for the US title and his desire to have a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

BOR: Do you feel like you are back on the rise and you are going to take this US championship on another level?

That’s the plan. I haven’t had a chance to defend the title as much I was would want to. Yeah that was the plan all along. There is only one WWE World Heavyweight championship which is held by Brock Lesnar. Brock isn’t there all the time and there is going to be a situation where the US and the IC title it’s a great opportunity to push those titles.

The US title represents the country that gave me an opportunity to live my dream and yeah I know that sounds cliché but its true. I am having the time of my life and travel the world and entertain the fans. That is the goal and even though I don’t defend the title but when I go out there I want to do my best because I am representing the title even though I am not defending it.

I do want to defend it more and that is the goal. Stride wise, I feel like I am hitting my stride. I do not want to stay stagnant and get stale I am trying to make sure I keep moving forward and keep this US Title.

BOR: When Lesnar vs Cena is over will we see Lesnar vs Sheamus?

Fella, I would love a crack at Brock. I am been asking for a long time for a crack at Brock Lesnar. There is no one more physical in that ring than Brock.

That is something I would love to do. Who knows what the story is and where it’s going but I love to face Brock. I am looking forward to Cena vs Seth Rollins because Rollins has been on a roll as of late.

That is a new fresh matchup between two great competitors. I don’t know where Dean will fit into that; a Cena/Rollins match up I am really looking forward to that.

You can read the entire transcript of the interview here.

Editor’s Note:
Welp. If they go the Sheamus/Rusev route, you can guarantee that a new US Champion will be named, because only a true American will take down the Hero of the Russian Federation. It will not be an Irish fella.


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