In the latest edition of‘s “Gorilla Position” podcast, WWE announcer Renee Young opens up about her romantic relationship with Dean Ambrose, which neither WWE employee had confirmed before. Her comments confirm previous rumors surrounding the two that claimed that they were intimately involved behind-the-scenes.

Ambrose and Young have been seen traveling together for some time now, and rumors about their backstage love have been rampant, but neither superstar had commented on the matter before Young appeared on the “Gorilla Position” podcast. She opened up to the host about a number of unknown facts about herself, her life, and how she got to WWE.

She then discussed Ambrose. After being asked if there were any stock in the rumors surrounding a love affair between herself and a certain “Lunatic Fringe,” Young confirmed the duo’s relationship saying,

“People will throw trash at me in the streets for answering this. But, yes, we are dating. We’re in love. We don’t care who knows it. It’s true, yes. That’s the first time we’ve ever really… well, he’s not here.

I’m saying it like he’s here in this room but he’s not. But yeah, we are dating. He’s a lovely man. Don’t ever tell anyone I’ve said that though. He’s mean. He’s mean and he’s wild.

She goes on to talk more about relationships backstage and how people approach her on the street and Internet about the situation, saying,

“I can’t give away too much because we are very private about our relationship. And it’s because we respect it and we don’t want… we don’t need people knowing about it or caring about what we’re doing. I’m not going to like post pictures of us on the Internet or anything.

But, yeah, people berate me no matter what I post on the Internet. Like, ‘tell us about Dean, we hate you, ahhh!’ But no, he’s very nice and he’s adorable. People wouldn’t assume that. He’s definitely a lot different than people would know.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Editor’s Note:
There you go. Renee Young is dating Dean Ambrose. You mean…he’s not REALLY the character he plays on TV? Go figure. Gimmicks still exist in wrestling? I’m looking at you, Torito…


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