In a new post on his official Facebook page, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley praises Seth Rollins’ progression as a main event player. Foley claims that the sky is the limit for Mr. Money in the Bank, and delves into how he proved this fact during the Oct. 27 edition of “Monday Night Raw.”

Foley writes,


What an amazing performance by Seth Rollins – WWE Universe tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw. While Rollins was often the overlooked member of the SHIELD, he can steal any show onany given night, and following the brutality of the beating he took last night at #HIAC, his ability to come back just one night later with a performance like this is nothing short of remarkable.

While many of you were not happy with the conclusion of last night’s Cell match – or tonight’s #CenavsRollins match, it should not in any way take away from the gutsy performances Rollins turned in on both night’s. Handled correctly, the sky is the limit for this guy.

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He also recently commented on the remarkable run Goldust has had over the last year, calling it noteworthy and inspiring. He says,


I think JBL said it best during last night’s #HellInACell PPV when Jerry Lawler – WWE Universe mentioned that Goldust – WWE Universe was moving as well as he had 15 years earlier. “As well?”, JBL asked. “I think he’s moving even better.” I think so too.

Several months ago, I wrote a post, asking if Goldust might just have one last run in him. I think he’s answered that question, and exceeded everyone’s expectations for what a veteran of his age, with as much wear and tear on his body could reasonably expect to accomplish. In fact, I find his comeback, and the level he’s worked at for the past year – along with his ability to bring brother Cody into his bizarre world, to form one of the most enjoyable teams on the scene, to be inspiring and noteworthy.

But take some time also to appreciate the magnificent effort, the considerable achievements, and triumphant comeback of…… Gold….duuuuuuuuust!

Foley has also praised Damien Sandow for his contributions to the product as of late. With Foley booking several shows in the same city as “Smackdown” tapings in upcoming months, we may see the King of Hardcore on WWE TV in the near future, possibly as “Foley Claus.” Foley recently returned to WWE television during the Oct. 20 edition of “Monday Night Raw” to hype up the Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose match that took place at “Hell In A Cell.”

Editor’s Note:
Foley makes some excellent points here. Looking forward to seeing him on TV more in upcoming weeks.


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