Former World Heavyweight Champion and WWE “part-time” superstar Chris Jericho is now being advertised for several house shows and television tapings throughout June and July. As we reported in April, Jericho is expected to leave the WWE again in August. His absence then will be so that he can take Fozzy, the band in which he frontmans, back on tour. As of right now, there is no information on when Jericho would return after Fozzy’s late summer tour.

Y2J has been very active in the company since his return in January of ’13 at the Royal Rumble PPV, where he entered second into the match and lasted almost an hour. He is currently in a program with Fandango, with each man having a PPV victory over the other. Fandango stole the first W from Jericho at WrestleMania 29, but Jericho answered and pinned the rookie last Sunday at Extreme Rules. Expect their feud to continue until at least Payback, which is the WWE’s new June PPV, but with Jericho sticking around until at least July’s Money in the Bank event, the feud could go even longer. Either way, the “Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla” is sticking around for a few more months, and that can only mean good things for anyone he faces and for the WWE as a whole.


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