Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, The Young Bucks, were recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated, where they discussed several topics. Among them was the decision to air the footage from All In of an incident between CM Punk and Jack Perry, Perry’s ceiling in AEW, FTR and more.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On the decision to air the footage:

“Since we are wrestling FTR at Dynasty, and with it being the first time doing that since All In London, so many feelings and thoughts came rushing back,” said Matt Jackson. “Old wounds were reopened. We decided it was only fair to be transparent and honest with our fans. We needed to give them context about why we feel we came up short at All In London. Our bodies were there in the ring wrestling FTR at Wembley, but our minds were in the back with the scapegoat in the entire situation, Jack Perry. The three of us specifically were wronged that night, and I haven’t gotten over that.”

“As EVPs, we were given a task for that week by the boss and we did it to the best of our abilities,” said Nick Jackson. “Zero regret.”

On Jack Perry in AEW:

“Jack Perry was one of my original AEW hires,” said Matt Jackson. “I saw a video clip of him on the indies, and then I went and watched everything I could find. Years prior, I’d heard stories about a nine-year-old boy being brought to wrestling training in Southern California by his celebrity dad Luke Perry. I wondered, whatever happened to that kid? Apparently, he’d been working hard and turning into a heck of a talent. I watched the videos and thought, ‘Whoa. Young, handsome SoCal kid with a great head of hair. Seems misunderstood. Has tons of confidence. He reminds me a lot of me and Nicholas at his age.’


“FTR hasn’t faced this version of Young Bucks, so it’s immediately going to be different and feel different. Not to mention, we’ve got ladders to play with this go-around. Ladder matches over the years have been one of our staples, and nobody does them quite like us. Fun fact–last time we won the tag titles, it was during a ladder match that also took place in St. Louis [against Jurassic Express in June of 2022]. Can we do it again? Lord knows the tag team division needs us to strap it onto our backs and carry it back to prominence. So, if I’m a fan, my fingers are crossed.”


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