If it worked for Jesse Ventura, it could work for anyone.

According to reports from both the Orlando Sentinel and PWInsiderformer WWE and TNA wrestler Matt Morgan will be running for Commissioner of District 4 of Longwood City. He will face incumbent Commissioner Mark Weller in the November 7 election.

From the reports:

A five-year resident of Longwood, Morgan said he decided to run after realizing that he can use his notoriety in the sports entertainment field to improve his city.

“I feel that I have a voice that others may not have,” Morgan said.

“As a candidate for Longwood City Commissioner, I am committed to build upon Longwood’s rich history.”

“I have never been the type to sit back and ‘armchair quarterback’ or just complain about things. I am the type that goes out and gets things done. I feel it’s my duty to step up and finally start DOING what needs to be done here for my fellow neighbors in this beautiful city.”

“I want to do everything possible to make this city a place my three-year-old autistic son can take pride in. I hope that one day he decides to raise his family here as well. I decided it’s time to start doing. It’s time to be the voice for the voiceless here in the city of Longwood.”

Magnus vs. Matt Morgan GFW Global Championship Match | IMPACT May 4th, 2017

Editor’s Note:

Why the heck not?

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