You have to be careful about what you put out there. Marty Jannetty has had an odd presence in the world over the last few years; a few years ago he asked if it was OK to have sex with someone that wasn’t her biological daughter after it was proved that she wasn’t by a DNA test.

In his latest escapade, he may have just done something worse.

According to a report from SB Nation, Jannetty may have admitted to committing a murder when he was 13 years old. In a post that has since now been deleted, he alleges that he was targeted by a man when he was 13 years old, who he believed was going to sexually assault him. Jannetty then killed the man, and dumped his body in the Chattahoochie River, presumably in, or near Columbus, Georgia.

Below is an image of the post. Note that there is inappropriate language, and a homophobic slur was edited out of the original by SB Nation:

Check out Jannetty’s most famous moment in professional wrestling:

We will continue to monitor this story and provide any updates that become available to us.

Editor’s Opinion:

At this point, nothing with this guy surprises me anymore.

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